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As further proof that I am in fact NOT a cheetah, note that I am doing yet another [ profile] thefridayfive post on a Saturday.

1) Most inspirational quote for you.

"Treat others as you would like to be treated." That helps give me context for acting, and keeps me from doing anti-social, impulsive, and downright stupid things.

2) Favorite inspirational film?

I liked The Shawshank Redemption quite a bit. A banker, of all people, is able to beat the system that wrongfully imprisoned him, and make a good life for himself.

3) Who has inspired you, and why?

I'd say a certain former CEO of mine from a past job inspired me. We worked at a startup, and she did a great job of taking charge and getting things done. She even stepped in with at least one situation with a customer and got things resolved to everyone's satisfaction. I'd work for her again in a heartbeat.

4) If you were to die tomorrow and would have ONE saying that would live on forever, what would you leave behind?

"Leopards > cheetahs" It would be my way of continuing to annoy cheetahs, long after my demise.

5) What inspires you to continue, when you feel the least motivated (in whatever goal you are trying to accomplish)?

I know there's always cool things down the road for me. Furry conventions and other conventions (Dorsai Thing, MagFest, etc.)
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I think this sums up how I feel:

In other news, work's been very busy, and I've been in physical therapy for the last 4 weeks, and I have an update that I've been meaning to post here at some point, when my schedule permits.
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This showed up in my email box, courtesy of Kevin "Slickpuppy" Mulder and [ profile] chefmongoose:

There's a whole lot of stuff I have to explain here:

- I am not a cheetah. But clearly certain people thought it'd be funny to draw me as one.

- The black beret is supposed to be my Dorsai Irregulars beret, but it just comes off looking French. :-P

- I am not Danish, but I'm a fan of Denmark.

- The character art itself is a parody of a comic called Scandinavia and the World. In that comic, all of the countries are represented by characters. Denmark is portrayed as a drunk, Christiania is a pot smoking teenager, Svalbard is a badass, Sweden has nuclear mutants, etc. Yes, my country (the USA) is in there. I leave it to you, the reader to discover how it's represented.

- Chiaroscuro is a chef, as his username here implies. He's not really trying to kill me, he just wants to make me dinner.

- I am not a cheetah
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1. What is your earliest memory?

I have memories of living at my grandmother's place around age 2. My parents had moved in with her for a brief time when they transitioned from renting an apartment to owning a home.

2. What is your most vivid memory?

The FBI raid at my last job sure sticks out. Being questioned by feds is something that's memorable, alright. That also ranks rather highly on the "a funny thing happened at the office today" scale.

3. What do you remember best about the year you turned 10?

I guess I was in the 4th grade that point. I remember taking cello lessons at my school starting that year. I had an awesome teacher who did his best to encourage me. Even though I didn't go much further with music, I still remember playing the cello all these years later.

4. What memory do you wish you could erase forever?

I had a pretty bad breakup many years ago, and things got messy. I could go without remembering some of the things that happened.

5. What do your parents(or other close relatives) remember about you that you have forgotten?

Apparently after we moved into our home when I was 4, I went to play with a neighbor kid. He turned out to be a little psycho, and my parents ran into the back yard to see him holding me down on the ground, trying to shove a stick in my ear. I have no memory of this. Probably a good thing.
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From [ profile] thefridayfive:

1. What is your favorite section of the newspaper?

News... paper? Is that like an analog blog?

Um, I guess local events are the most interesting to me, because I'm not likely to find local events on CNN or Huffington Post.

2. Sunday comics or weekday strips? Which comic is your favorite?

I've been known to read comics from time to time, mostly when I'm visiting the parents. I guess my favorite would be Dilbert.

3. Do you read your daily horoscope? Do you believe in it?

Haha, no and no. Just like CSI and cheetahs, horoscopes are for entertainment purposes, and not to be taken seriously.

4. Does the paper become bird cage lining, do you recycle, or does it get thrown in the trash?

For the occasional circular that I get sent at home, I keep those around for purposes of setting wet shoes on, setting food on if I'm eating in the living room, etc. That's very rare, though.

5. Where do you read the paper? At home, at work, or elsewhere?

Once again, I don't read paper. :-P I check news sites from home, work, and on my iPhone on the train. CNN has a very nice mobile site.

Is there anyone out there who actually reads a physical newspaper?
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At 9 AM this morning, we opened up the hotel registrations for Anthrocon 2011. Here are the performance graphs, with annotations:

Network traffic graph (Annotated) Memory usage graph (Annotated)

Netstat (Annotated) CPU usage graph (Annotated)

The arrows point to the spikes at 9 AM when I made the changes to the site live. Here's a breakdown of those stats in more detail:
  • Bandwidth went from a weekly average of 326 kilobits/sec to just over 5 megabits/sec.

  • # of concurrent network connections went from ~41 to 350

  • CPU usage went from 45% of 1 core to roughly 200% of one core (we have 4 cores)

  • Memory usage was largely unaffected. Yay for an async I/O webserver!
So the site held up just fine to the onslaught of users.

One thing I could have done better was the deployment. At about 8:30 AM, I replaced with a static HTML page with the status, and pointed another DNS name at our Drupal installation. Unfortunately, Drupal is a bit finicky with its $base_url variable, and I had to tweak that by hand, as well as tweak the webserver config by hand. I then went to our temporary URL, published the hotel pages, made sure everything was okay, and undid all of those changes to re-deploy the website. Unfortunately, I forgot to clear out the cache in Drupal, which meant some people did not see the new hotel page until as late as 9:02 AM. Okay, so it's only 2 minutes, but I felt that it was a silly mistake that shouldn't have happened.

Next year, I think I'll look into an "auto-publishing" system of some sort to automagically make the pages in question live at 9 AM. That should simplify things for me quite a bit, and maybe not even require me to actively do anything.

Other than these minor issues, the whole hotel thing went over pretty well this morning. I monitored Twitter for the next hour or so, and was able to Tweet status updates to everyone as things happened.

As of this writing, the Courtyard is completely sold out, and Doubles in the Westin are sold out. (but Kings are available) Rooms at the Doubletree are still available (along with suites!), as well at The Omni William Penn.

(X-posted to [ profile] anthrocon)
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Last night, I went down to Delaware for the Delaware Furbowl, run by [ profile] kitt3ns. It was my first one ever, and I rather enjoyed it!

Group Shot Kitt3ns speaks Jaga

What some folks might not know is that I spent a good deal of time in league bowling when I was younger. 17 years, in fact! So naturally, I was happy at the chance to be able to bowl again, as well as hang out with other furries! One thing that was very cool about this event was that there were a few lanes set aside for "serious bowlers". I camped out on those lanes, along with [ profile] whitefeet, Greywolf, Delray(?), and a couple of other folks.

<-- Casual Bowlers | Serious Bowlers --> Kojac Racer in his white Crux fursuit Strike!

I bowled 3 games in total, and shot: 118, 158, 187.

The lanes were really dry, which caused our balls to hook rather sharply in the last 5 feet of the lane. Once I got used to this, I was able to start making more strikes and spares, and did better in each subsequent game. I could have broken 200 in the last game had I not choked in the 10th frame. :-P

Protocollie Taquoe Fursuiter bowling

I remember after the event, some of us went to Wawa for sandwiches. I was still wearing my tail, and a couple of non-furries pointed to me and yelled, "Hey! Chester Cheetah!" Man, everyone thinks I'm a cheetah.

Vega bowls An otter bowling Fursuiter bowling

I very much would like to attend future Furbowls, the big challenge for me is just securing transportation down there and back, since I do not currently own a car. Trains are less viable for me for this event, since having to lug a 16 pound bowling ball around on the train is not fun.

The rest of my photos can be found here, but I'll leave you all with this final group shot:

Group Shot
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Dear Mr. King,

Thanks for leaving the place in better shape than you found it.

Your friend,

The United States of America

It's also worth sharing the full video of Martin Luther King's speech:

The text of his speech can be found over here.
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I don't think I wrote about MidWest FurFest in too much detail yet, so I'll do that here.

I got to work in the Art Show for [ profile] aureth this year. My responsibilities this time were mostly technical. I got to setup MySQL on their new server, and ended up dragging my laptop down to the art show so I could write code to generate reports on the Art Show sales. That was rather fun.

Fursuit Parade Wag Cheetah's Party

Otherwise, I spent a fair bit of time socializing and having fun with a number of folks at the con. The new hotel with its indoor atrium and nice big lobby lent itself well to that. I stopped by a some room parties that were generously hosted by [ profile] seven001, [ profile] justincheetah, Kasi Frost, and others.

Seven's Party At Duncan's Party Roadkill Hyena

Something unexpected happened at the con: I fursuited again! While [ profile] foxlord was on the phone, I thought I would be silly and put on his fursuit paws. When he returned from his phonecall, he suggested I put on the head as well. And then this happened:

Grand Theft Fursuit

I ended up wearing the partial (named "Patch") a few nights at the con, and am very grateful to Foxlord for the loaner. I'm not sure if I'm up to wearing a full fursuit yet, but I think it's definitely worth putting on my list of "things to do".

Midwest FurFest Board Meeting Ford Shephard Fizz's mowhawk, now with LEDs

Other things of note that happened at the con was my involvement with the Fursuit Parade. I was milling around in con space waiting for it to start when [ profile] takaza ran up to me and asked, "Are you working right now?" I replied in the negative, and he stated, "You are now! Come with me!" I ended up being stationed next to a set of double doors, and counted fursuits with a counting device as they came through. It was a great idea, because only 1-2 fursuiters could make it through the doorway at a time, and only in one direction. The total number of fursuiters was 413, by the way. Quite a turnout!

Fursuit Parade Fursuit Parade Single Speed Cheetah

Somewhere in there I ended up giving an interview for a video called Furries - An Inside Look. Since it's over half an hour long, I have yet to sit down and watch it. I'm hoping I didn't come off looking too dorky, since I don't have much experience speaking on camera. (Any tips would be appreciated!)

The Interviewers Seven bartends Uncle Kage gets interviewed

If there's one thing I'd do differently at next year's MWFF, I would try to attend more convention programming. I didn't get to do that much this year, between working and socializing with people.

Overall, MidWest FurFest was another successful convention. I have many good memories from that con, and can't wait to go back next year.

(The full set of my pictures are over here)
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Last night was the first time I attended the New Year's Furry Ball. And I had a blast!

Origami Gryphon and ??? Furry dance Kojac

Things that separated this from a typical New Year's Eve party:

- A dinner that was catered by the hotel, for all attendees
- A dance DJed by [ profile] protocollie
- A lovely atrium that served as a great hangout spot, with a game of Rockband going on in one corner.
- Getting to see some friends from the region that I had not seen in awhile
- Hearing the song Shots ft. Lil Jon for the first time. Great party song! :-)

Clementine Finnish looks pissed Got salad?

Even though it was more of a party and less of a con, we did end up having to have small registration table, which is where I got to work. I was the guy with the shaved head checking IDs and taking money. The total turnout was somewhere around 150, and from the IDs I saw, we had people from places like Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and at least one person from Massachusetts!

Clementine and Vega Kale DJs Kale announces the winning ticket

While working at registration, several people asked me, "What does a sponsorship get?" My answer was: "Our undying gratitude".

5 people bought sponsorships on the spot for this reason alone. A 6th came back later and gave us another $15 to upgrade.

Loki and Nito Furry dance Kellogg Collie and ???

So, what was the takeaway from last night? [ profile] protocollie and [ profile] kitt3ns know how to throw one hell of a party!

For the eBay crowd, this translates to: "Excellent seller - I would totally back this person up in a knife fight"

(Want to see the rest of the pics? They're at

X-Posted to [ profile] nyfb and Pennsylvania Furries.
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So who else is going to the New Year's Furry Ball on Friday evening?

It will be held down in Delaware, a short distance from those of us in the Phildelphia area. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

More info is available here.



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I've been kinda quiet here for the last month or so, and that's because, after my workplace got a visit from the FBI(!!) a few months back, I decided that was a sign it was time to move on. I had been there for 5 years (an eternity for a software engineer) and really felt like I was outgrowing the position. I wanted to move up in my career and into a position with more responsibility. So I spent a few weeks in November quietly doing job interviews, eventually found an employer that was a good fit, received an offer, and started work for them 2 weeks ago.

The new position has me working as the senior most engineer with a startup in Center City Philadelphia. In addition to actual programming, I also play the part of the sysadmin and get to be a one-man NOC. It's a big step up in responsibility, and with the corresponding pay raise I got at the new job, it's like a promotion of sorts. The company is still small, and only a month old, so I also have the chance to build something really cool as the company grows. It's the kind of challenge that attracted me to computer programming in the first place.

Yes, they're a Drupal shop, why do you ask? :-) Seriously, Drupal is a big piece of software, and I've learned even more about it in the last 2 weeks. This in turn means I do more neat things with the Drupal sites that I run. Everybody wins!

In health-related news, I finally got over to the Rothman Institute (which is like the Anthrocon of sports medicine) and got a diagnosis on my knee issues. And the diagnosis is: patellar tendinopathy, also known as chronic tendinitis. Here's my MRI:

It turns out that this wasn't brought on by exercise, but rather because the length of my patellar tendons are a few millimeters shorter than is normal. This predisposes me to issues with that tendon, and normally affects people when they get to be around my age. The rest of the knees are "perfectly healthy" according to my knee doctor, and this particular injury is treated with physical therapy. This would be different from the physical therapy I had in the spring, in terms of what muscles are exercised.

I asked the doctor if chondromalacia had anything to do with this. He explained to me that my problems were never chondromalacia. The previous issues I had were just warning signs of this. So I see more physical therapy in my future, and hopefully I can get the knees back to normal.
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This is how I feel:

...any questions?

And jeeze, who gave Dolph a lightsaber? My landlord's gonna be pissed!
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- Yes. That's me.

- No. That's not my fursuit. I borrowed it from [ profile] foxlord. (Tail's mine, though)

- Yes. That's a bottle of absynthe.

- No. I did not drink that particular bottle of absynthe.

- Yes. I had fun suiting around the con.

- No. That's not a cheetah.

I hope to have the rest of my pictures uploaded and a con report written in a few days.
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Explained in two simple pictures:

(Images courtesy of the Coding Horror blog)

Any questions?

Really, OpenID is merely a way for a third party (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to tell the site you are visiting that you are in fact a specific user on that service.

Want to try logging into a site with OpenID credentials to see how it works? You can try that out on Anthrocon's site. I've got OpenID working over on, too!
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I'm attending, and I'll be working in the Art Show again, and my hours are as follows:

Friday: 11 AM to 1 PM
Saturday: 7 PM to 11 PM
Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Feel free to stop by and say hello while I'm working, but I may be a little busy, especially on Sunday afternoon.

Otherwise, I'm arriving Thursday afternoon and departing late Monday morning. I'd be up for any food/drinks/etc. when I'm not working.

The con's new hotel is the same one that I worked Anime Central at last year, and I'm looking forward to returning there.
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Today I was finally able to see a knee specialist. I headed over to The Rothman Institute to see a Sports Medicine physician about my knee. Before seeing him, they actually took X-rays of my knees on site that he was able to instantly pull up on his computer when he examined me.

The good news is that he could manipulate my knees in all sorts of ways and there was no pain. That rules out lots of joint issues right there. While examining my X-rays, he actually used the software to draw measurements on the screen, superimposed over my knees. He was able to point out that the ratio of certain measurements in my knee shows the patellar tendon coming up a little short, which could be cause of this condition.

The next step is to get an MRI on my right knee (already have one on the left) and see him with both MRIs so we can get a better idea of what is going on in the soft tissue, and decide how to treat it.

He said that tendinitis in the patellar tendon is a possibility, but tendinitis usually goes away after some rest, ice, and NSAIDs. This may be the more severe tendinopathy, which would require more intensive treatment. At this point, it's unclear if surgery would be required.

I get my MRI tomorrow afternoon.

The best part about working in Center City? The knee specialist and the hospital where I'll be getting the MRI are 2 blocks from my office.
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1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake?

In years past I did. I don't do that so much anymore. (I don't have birthday cakes so much anymore, either)

2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes?

Not that I can remember.

3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g. love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.)

I'm okay with them. I usually settle for people buying me drinks, as what was done at the most recent FurFright.

4. Tell us a favorite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday.

Hmm, well... I'm not really into physical possessions much. But something I'd really like? I don't think it's something that can easily be bought or sold.

5. What flavor cake?

Chocolate is okay. I'm cool with ice cream cakes, too!
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MWFF is just over a week away, and I realized that I still have a room with two double beds in the primary hotel to myself!

I have the room from Thu, November 18 through Mon, November 22. I'm looking for 1 or 2 roommates to help split the cost.

I'll keep my normal convention hours, which means I'm in bed by about 2 AM most nights, and up by 10 AM. I don't plan on heavy drinking in the room nor on holding any loud parties.

If anyone is interested in sharing the room, please let me know in the comments (which are screened).


[Edit: It's all good, I found a roommate!]
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So as folks may have read, I did in fact fursuit for the first time at FurFright.

Saturday night while [ profile] pkitty1, myself, and some other folks were having a few drinks, the topic of myself and fursuiting came up. I somehow was persuaded by Captain Morgan other folks in the room to put on the head and paws of Manik's cheetah fursuit and then walked around con space for about half an hour. The partial actually went pretty well with the black overcoat I wore with it, and it gave me the opportunity to "flash" my conbadges to folks that I knew. (and in many cases surprise them, as was the case with [ profile] protocollie!)

Here's the proof:

Sweating inside the partial wasn't too bad, but I definitely couldn't wear the suit for an excessive amount of time. I unfortunately had issues with the paws, since they were basically giant slippers, I couldn't easily put my orthotic shoe inserts in them, and that did a number on my feet. (maybe I should shuffle more next time?)

Visibility was also very poor inside the fursuit head. Specifically, I was told that visibility in that head was particularly bad compared to other suits. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with other fursuits to compare that against. :-P

I'll have to see if it's feasible for a fursuit maker to "build" a set of paws around a spare pair of shoes when I commission should I decide to commission a leopard cheetah cheopard fursuit at some point.

If anyone can recommend any good fursuit builders, BTW, feel free to do so in the comments.


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