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Yes, I have a Dolph plushie. It's rather big, about 30 inches.

Now the $700 Billion Question (adjusted for inflation):

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I figured it would be nice to be able to check my email on the train and use sites like TwitPic and programs like Urban Spoon when out in the city, so I took the plunge last night and got an iPhone 3G.

Since I wasn't sure how the network coverage/speed would be, or how the phone would perform, I have not yet ported over my current cellphone number. I'll do that in a week or so. In the meantime, if anyone would like the temporary number for my iPhone, just let me know.

Also, see this guy?

Don't be this guy. :-P
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In other news, [ profile] film2edit made drew for me what I believe to be the world's first conbadge with Dolph in it:

If I look scared in that pic, well, it's because I am. Dolph is batsh*t insane!

The translation of what he's saying is "Death by club!", which is a common phrase he likes to shout.
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I didn't actually get to *hear* the debates last night, but I could *see* them on the TV at the gym. One thing I noticed is that Sarah Palin was wearing an absolutely gigantic American flag on her chest, almost as if she were overcompensating for something. I think at this point it is safe to say that Sarah Palin is a size queen.

In related news, Hustler producing a spoof of Sarah Palin called "Nailin' Paylin". In addition to having a guest "appearance" by Bill O'Reilly, there will be a 3-way sex scene involving Palin/Paylin, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice.

At any rate, I think that Palin is weak, and the Republican party is entirely too soft these days. We need a real leader in the White House, someone who can get things done and lead us well into the 21st century. And I know just the hippo for the job:

"Vote for Dolph! You are all 100% assholes!"

Say what you will about Dolph, but at least he's honest and up front in his feelings. (Now with English translation!)

I'll be at work for just a few more hours today, then it's off to Detroit for the weekend. I'll be commuting to ConClave from [ profile] girtygrin's place.
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Getting new ringtones on your Razr without paying $1.99 or whatever Verizon charges is easy.

Send an email to, with the MP3 as an attachment.

When it arrives on your phone as a PIX message, the file has already been converted to the AAC format, and can be saved with the "Save Sound" choice under the Options menu.

It will now appear in your list of ringtones.

Thanks to this trick, my phone now has Dolph the Fascist Hippo ringtones on it. Guaranteed to confuse friends, co-workers, and family members alike!
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An actual piece of campaign literature that arrived in someone's mail:

This Cheyrl Guthrie person makes me want to projectile vomit.
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The backstory:
City of Philadelphia: "Uh, you know that office space we're letting you have for free?"

Boy Scouts: "Yeah?"

City of Philadelphia: Well, we got this little problem with you discriminating against gays. It's discriminatory, and our policies prevent us from letting you have this office space for free.

Boy Scouts: It's our organization, and we'll run it how we like.

City of Philadelphia: Look, if you want to discriminate against gays, that's your business, but we're going to have to ask that you pay us fair market value starting on June 1st, or vacate the building. Continuing to let you occupy that building free of rent would violate our city's policies.

Boy Scouts: Fuck you.

City of Philadelphia: Fine, just get out.

Boy Scouts: We're not going anywhere. BTW, we're suing you now, so that we can stay here and continue to discriminate against gays.
So, yeah... I wish I could say that this kind of behavior is a first from the Boy Scouts, but they have a long standing policy of being horribly bigoted and intolerant when it comes to gays, atheists, and pretty much anyone else who doesn't fit into their narrow view of the way things should be.

I remember back in the 90s when I used to read Scouting Magazine, I would see these awful editorials going on and on (and on...) about the "gay agenda", and how those eeeeevil gays and atheists were trying to "take over" Scouting and force their values on everyone else. I was years away from thinking of myself as "gay" back then, but still those editorials left a really bad taste in my mouth.

The funny thing is that the local troops that I dealt with when I was in scouting (I'm an Eagle Scout) really didn't care one way or another about sexual orientation or religious preferences. When we were on camping trips and went to religious services, the guys who didn't go to church were merely dragged along to whatever service the leaders felt like taking them to. Nobody cared. A childhood friend of mine told me a few years back that his troop was the same way, but with gays. There were several gays in his troop, and the leaders didn't care.

It's such a shame, that while Boy Scouting is a great program for the boys, its executives are completely out of touch, and rotten to the core.
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"I do not pee in the bed, I pee *on* the bed. I punish it, because it's a weak piece of furniture. It's soft. I pee on everything that is weak. "

-- Dolph the Fascist Hippo
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I'm heading off for Dorsai Thing shortly. In the meantime, I thought I'd leave you folks with a picture to caption:

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Ever wonder what happens when a windmill gets caught up in a wind storm? This video from Denmark shows us:

Just to give a sense of scale, that turbine is approximately 60m high. That's some serious kinetic energy!

I also saw a comment elsewhere on YouTube that pointed out that even the destruction of the turbine was rather eco friendly, as opposed to the worst case failure mode of say, a dam (flood) or a poorly designed nuclear plant[1] (radiation).

[1] Yeah, I'm fine with the light water reactors here in the US that have containment buildings. I'm talking about certain graphite core reactors with positive void coefficient tendencies that can build up power very quickly and um, explode.
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I saw this on Fark today and felt it was an exceptionally screwed up story:

Twelve days before Christmas, Circuit Judge Aaron Bowden fired his 17-year judicial assistant, who had been on leave since August with cancer.

The Jacksonville judge said he feared her prolonged illness would leave him without an assistant at a time when the state had implemented a hiring freeze.

But his decision left Christine Birch, 54, with no medical, life or disability insurance and has created a firestorm at the courthouse.

Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran responded by calling Bowden "a no-good son of a bitch," prompting Bowden to respond with a blistering e-mail defending his decision and calling Moran's criticism irresponsible, unprofessional and unseemly.

Other judges' assistants were also appalled by Birch's firing. They raised money to pay her rent this month.

"If it can happen to one of us, it can happen to any of us," said Donna Vail, who responded to Bowden's e-mail with one of her own. "Chris Birch has been a loyal employee to Judge Bowden ... who has been terminated for strictly health issues and not for her service to her judge."
The rest of this story is available at

It goes on to make it clear that her firing had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that her firing, after 17 years of service, wasn't for performance-related reasons, but because there was an upcoming hiring freeze, and the judge was afraid he wouldn't have an assistant. Except... a rotating assistant was assigned to him on a full-time basis while Birch was out on leave. Oops.

Unfortunately, she exhausted the amount of medical leave she has under federal law, and disability cases under the Florida Civil Rights Act are very hard to win in court, according to the article. I can only hope at this point that she and the judge come to some out of court settlement or something.

I'm amazed people like this still exist, let alone run our courts.


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