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From Anthrocon 2009, courtesy of Warphammer:

Click on the picture for a supersize 4210x1796 version.
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Just wanted to let folks here know that we have our own photo pool on the awesome Flickr photo hosting service:

If you took pictures during the con, please add them to the pool. If you're looking for pictures from past Anthrocon conventions, we have them going as far back as 2006.

Share and enjoy!

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I'm home safely from the con, and have today off so I can recover and catch up on errands, do laundry, etc. Maybe I'll be in IM later tonight.

Seems like our brains were completely fried at closing ceremonies and we forgot to mention the post-convention survey. Here it is:

Please tell us what you liked, and what we can do to make next year's Anthrocon even better.

I have a ton of pictures, and more details about the con, which I'll post at some future date.

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We did not think it would happen, but the Westin has a VERY few rooms that they are willing to release back to our block at the convention rate of $115 per night. If you waited to the last minute, that's NOW, and here's your chance. To claim one of those rooms, you must call Ms. Sam Waterman at 412-560-6365 directly. Try to stampede in an orderly fashion.
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From [ profile] unclekage (for whom $WORK blocks access to LJ):
I just got off the phone with Fernando in Pittsburgh. If you are looking for Fernando's Cafe when you go to Anthrocon this year, you will be out of luck because it will not be there.

From July 2 through July 5, the establishment will be known officially as "Furnando's Cafe." Same location, same great taste, just fuzzier!

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Fra [ profile] unclekage on the Anthrocon website:
Anthrocon's very existence depends on its dedicated volunteers! We have updated our Volunteer Page with a list of what is needed, where and when. For the most part you need only stop by Convention Operations in the Westin and let us know you are willing to help, and we will put you to work. There's a few positions that we need folks to contact us in advance for, namely the loading and unloading in Philadelphia. Also, we're starting up a new FAQ DESK onsite. If you'd like to help out as a source of wisdom and direction, let us know.


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