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For those who don't know what this is, it is Dolph The Fascist Hippopotamus. I have a particularly unhealthy interest in him.
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I've started reading LJ a little more in the last week or so. As much as I like Twitter and Facebook, I can't help but feel that those services come off as a little shallow, and lack the depth that LJ has. Then again, LJ just isn't as dynamic as the other two services, so I dunno. At any rate, I intend to start reading LJ regularly again.

Real life has also been interesting lately. In addition to missing FCN due to my knees acting up, I was also unable to attend Anime Central due to a relapse. Thinking it might be something other than "merely" a flareup of chondromalcia, I went back to my physician on Monday. Sure enough, he told me that my one ACL feels looser than the other, which is never a good sign. My next step is to get an MRI and confirm the diagnosis. Once that happens, there may be knee surgery in my future, or not. It depands on how loose/torn the ACL is.

On the good side of things, the X-ray that was taken says my knee joints are fine. I'll take soft tissue injuries over arthritis any day. Also, I'm 6 vacation days ahead of where I would have been otherwise.

Earlier tonight, I tweaked my webserver config so that any attempt to visit now gets redirected to the same URL on I've owned for a few years now, and only recently did I decide that as much as I like, I have more and more trouble saying that domain name with a straight face to co-workers and colleagues. Plus, while CnP has a furry connotation, does not. I can pretty much label it as my home on the web, and put up whatever I want to there.

And finally, a picture to caption:

There are more pictures of those two here.
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Yes, this is a real picture and yes, that really is a vortex in front of the #3 engine:

Bonus points if you can tell me how that vortex was caused.
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(More pictures from the series can be found here...)
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Two in the pink, one in the.... White House?!

I swear, this is a real picture from the White House website:

Caption away, folks! My brain is already fried just from looking at that pic!

Thanks for inflicting this on me, [ profile] atpaw.
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And now, something NOT related to politics, a picture to caption!


Be nice, that's [ profile] brothervega in the pic!
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Captions for the whole thing or just for individual stills are acceptable. Personally, I think the upper right picture looks like she had some sort of misfiring of her bowels or something.

And no, I'm not voting for her. I don't want to see the above for the next 4 years.
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Courtesy of [ profile] girtygrin:

More crazy close-up pictures of animals can be found in this article.


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