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This showed up in my email box, courtesy of Kevin "Slickpuppy" Mulder and [ profile] chefmongoose:

There's a whole lot of stuff I have to explain here:

- I am not a cheetah. But clearly certain people thought it'd be funny to draw me as one.

- The black beret is supposed to be my Dorsai Irregulars beret, but it just comes off looking French. :-P

- I am not Danish, but I'm a fan of Denmark.

- The character art itself is a parody of a comic called Scandinavia and the World. In that comic, all of the countries are represented by characters. Denmark is portrayed as a drunk, Christiania is a pot smoking teenager, Svalbard is a badass, Sweden has nuclear mutants, etc. Yes, my country (the USA) is in there. I leave it to you, the reader to discover how it's represented.

- Chiaroscuro is a chef, as his username here implies. He's not really trying to kill me, he just wants to make me dinner.

- I am not a cheetah
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[ profile] alexismckee just showed me this video, which shows "how true Danes are", according to him.

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It is a little known fact that Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize pornographic movies. This was in 1969. Then, 20 years later in 1989, Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Not "domestic partnerships", but full-blown gay marriage, with all the benefits from derived from such.

Now, it's 2008, and things have degenerated into what can best be described as "moral chaos". This video documents that:

So anyway, I guess the moral of the story here is that if you watch (or sell) porn, you should thank a Dane.
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[ profile] alexismckee points me to an interesting TV show in Scandinavia. The premise is to bring in American Drill Sergeants and have them run a bunch of gay guys through basic training. The results are... interesting:

Of course, the Drill Instructors are all rather buff, which makes the whole thing even more amusing.

Between this, and their attack windmills, I think Denmark may just be gearing up for world domination. Time to buy some stock in pickled herring...
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Ever wonder what happens when a windmill gets caught up in a wind storm? This video from Denmark shows us:

Just to give a sense of scale, that turbine is approximately 60m high. That's some serious kinetic energy!

I also saw a comment elsewhere on YouTube that pointed out that even the destruction of the turbine was rather eco friendly, as opposed to the worst case failure mode of say, a dam (flood) or a poorly designed nuclear plant[1] (radiation).

[1] Yeah, I'm fine with the light water reactors here in the US that have containment buildings. I'm talking about certain graphite core reactors with positive void coefficient tendencies that can build up power very quickly and um, explode.
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This video describes how Sweden managed to stay out of the fighting in WWII:

Don't worry, the video is English. At least the important parts are.

After watching this, all I gotta say is that I'm beginning to understand why Denmark stomped on them so many times. :-P
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Because the Danes don't understand the Danish language anymore, all they can do now is watch TV.

Norweigan TV.

Here's the proof:

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Because they WILL kick your ass!

The real fun starts around 2 minutes into it when a full blown gunfight breaks out.
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Those crazy Danes! They've decided to deal with speeders in their own unique way... (NSFW)

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As seen over on [ profile] denmark, this website gives examples of practical Danish phrases that you might use in everyday life while bumming around Copenhagen.

Allow me to link to a few examples:

"My ass is in your hands, okay?"

"Your lips look like slugs."

"Don't worry, it's just my hand."

"My insurance will not cover it."

"I gargled beer for an hour."

Get that donkey out of here."

Happy Danishing!
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No, really. A study confirms it. From CNN:
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- If you're looking for happiness, move to Denmark.

It's the happiest country in the world while Burundi in Africa is the most unhappy, according to a new report by a British scientist released on Friday.

Adrian White, an analytical social psychologist at the University of Leicester in central England, based his study on data from 178 countries and 100 global studies from the likes of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

"We're looking much more at whether you are satisfied with your life in general," White told Reuters. "Whether you are satisfied with your situation and environment."

The main factors that affected happiness were health provision, wealth and education, according to White who said his research had produced the "first world map of happiness."

Following behind Denmark came Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and the Bahamas.

At the bottom came the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Burundi. The United States came in at 23rd, Britain was in 41st place, Germany 35th and France 62nd.

Clearly I need to start visiting Denmark a whole lot more!

Crossposted to [ profile] denmark.


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