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This is how I feel:

...any questions?

And jeeze, who gave Dolph a lightsaber? My landlord's gonna be pissed!
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So, I'm 5 weeks into wearing my custom foot orthotics, and while I wish I could say I'm feeling 100% awesome, unfortunately I'm not. My knees are doing great, but my feet? Not so much. Walking around is pain free, but here's the rub: when I sit down, the pain starts. I'm not sure why that is, but taking off my shoes seems to help.

Also, I tried walking for about 20-25 minutes during lunch the last 2 days, and while my feet felt okay during the day, my symptoms picked up in the evenings. But only when seated at my desk. If I put on my shoes, walk around and do some chores, etc., the pain pretty much goes away. But when I sit down, it comes back. It starts with feeling my pulse in my feet, and slowly escalates to a burning sensation in both feet. I just don't understand it. As I type this, I keep having to move my feet around every couple of minutes, so I don't feel pain in whatever part has contact with the ground.

I see my pawdiatrist again next week, and we'll see what he has to say.

At least other aspects of my health seem to be okay. I weighed myself the other week, and I'm down to 170 pounds. (I'm 5 foot 10 inches in height) I'm doing my knee exercises every night and my core and lower body appears to be in pretty good shape. Mentally, I had an epiphany of sorts the other night, and was a huge relief to figure out. (and it helped my dreams/nightmares)

On Saturday, my mother stopped by, and she brought a present--a throw rug for my dining room:

My new dining room carpet My new dining room carpet

That rug really tied the room together, let me tell you.

On Sunday night, [ profile] desteredra, [ profile] dragonof31102, and [ profile] orionvw stopped by and we had dinner. 3 women in my apartment at the same time? I think that's a record.

Since I'm not feeling better, I don't think I'll be doing that road trip in October. :-/ Well, between that, and the fact that I'll be out of town during 3 weekends that month.

And now, a Star Wars propaganda poster:

More Star Wars propaganda posters can be found here.
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For those who don't know what this is, it is Dolph The Fascist Hippopotamus. I have a particularly unhealthy interest in him.
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Yes, I have a Dolph plushie. It's rather big, about 30 inches.

Now the $700 Billion Question (adjusted for inflation):

[Poll #1421722]
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Pretty much what the subject says. I called AT&T around 10 AM this morning, gave them my temp phone number, main phone number, and Verizon account number, and they started the porting process. The rep then said, and I quote, "Verizon said that the porting will be complete by 10:19 AM". Not 10:20, but 10:19. These people are detail-oriented! :-P

Sure enough, at 10:19, I got this text message:

My phone number was ported successfully

Yes, the background is what you think it is. :-P

I also picked up this battery pack the other day:

My iPhone and battery pack

It's handy, because I can keep my phone (or iPod) charged while I'm traveling. Since using the net via 3G on the iPhone eats up the battery, this has proven to be a good investment. The battery pack may be small, but since it's one giant battery (as opposed to a fraction of the iPhone's value being a battery), I estimate I can get about 3 iPhone charges out of this. Not bad!

I've been really into Twitter lately. Moreso than LiveJournal, in fact. One of the reasons why I have been all over Twitter is because the clients for reading it are all stream-oriented. But that, it makes it very easy to go through a large number of Tweets, and I can click on a specific Tweet for more info about its author. LiveJournal really needs something like that.

So, does anybody know if any such software exists? No, an RSS reader probably won't cut it. The ones I've used so far require you to click on a link to read any part of an LJ entry, and wouldn't scale too well past 1,000 entries. (I'll hit that in a month) I'd probably need software that was written just with LJ in mind.


Mar. 5th, 2009 05:00 pm
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I went to Furp's funeral last weekend -- the first funeral I've attended in close to 15 years. I felt very sad, but that's to be expected for a funeral. On the upside, there was an amazing showing from the furry community. I'm pretty sure there were more furries there than anybody else, and even heard the comment uttered, "I had no idea he knew so many people". His family seemed like pretty decent folks, and I can see where he got his sense of humor from. As his sister put it during the eulogy, "dysfunctionally functional".

The viewing and funeral themselves were pretty touching. The type of viewings and funerals I grew up with in NE PA were fairly formal and rigid. This one was a little more informal. Various items from Furp's life, including photos, were set up on tables around the room. One table had pictures of him, another had his medical gear, and another had a container of Tang. No, really! There was an easel that had a sweatshirt from his Boy Scout days, covered in patches of everything he did. Now I am also an Eagle Scout, but I was shocked at all of the things he had done while in the Boy Scouts. Mile Swim, various high adventure camps, hiking, etc. I thought I was active, but I did maybe a third of things he did. Amazing.

Somehow, a Dorasi lapel pin made it onto Furp's collar. I swear it wasn't my doing.

After the funeral, there was a reception within stumbling distance up the road from my host, [ profile] bluedeer's place. I got to see Furp's 4-year old nephew in action, and yeah, he's definitely cut from the same cloth that Furp was.

After the reception, [ profile] bluedeer, [ profile] film2edit, and myself drove over to the place [ profile] justincheetah rented where we celebrated Furp's memory in our own little way: by making and then consuming significant amounts of Slurm, toasting Furp more than once. That was fun, and helped take our mind off of things. Later in the evening, we exchanged some interesting text messages with the rest of the Anthrocon folks, who were in Pittsburgh for the weekend.

I went to the gym last night, for the first time in over a week. Between all this, and the cold I got over, I am trying to get back into my normal rhythm.

I'll be heading off to Indianapolis for Dorsai Thing this weekend. It'll be nice to see many of the DI again. I have the feeling there are going to be record amounts of scotch consumption tasting this weekend.

And in completely random news, I found out that Dolph The Fascist Hippo made a cameo in the game Hitman: Blood Money. After the level "Curtains Down", the newspaper is shown, and Dolph is in one of the articles. Here's a screen shot:

The text is French, and the translation is something like: "Blue Hippopotamus is invisible, nobody can see him. He Leaves stealthy like a Japanese ninja. You are all 100% assholes! Yes Sir!"
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And created this:

Beetlejuice and Dolph

It's based on the picture seen at

I'm not too happy with how my manipulation of the background around Dolph's head turned out (I copied and pasted chunks from elsewhere in the picture, then blurred them), but it's also my first ever attempt at manipulating a background, so I suppose it didn't come out too bad.
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In other news, [ profile] film2edit made drew for me what I believe to be the world's first conbadge with Dolph in it:

If I look scared in that pic, well, it's because I am. Dolph is batsh*t insane!

The translation of what he's saying is "Death by club!", which is a common phrase he likes to shout.
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Thanks to [ profile] omnibahumut and [ profile] film2edit for giving me some help with my previous picture. I touched it up a bit, and here is the result:

Keapano and Dolph, Take 2

I duplicated the layer with [ profile] keapano on it and then used a fuzzy eraser to get rid of some of the yellow that surrounded him.

I then added another layer which was used to hold the shadow underneath of Dolph. I drew one elliptical, blurred it, and then airbrushed his legs, and put about 50% opacity on the whole layer.

I'm pleased with the overall result, considering how new I am to working with graphics software.

I have to do this more often.

For anyone who is morbidly curious DR2 (the TV station that shows Dolph og Wulff), they distribute graphics which can be used for photoshopping on their website.
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Today I learned how alpha channels work and made my first ever Photoshopped image with the Seashore photo editor program:

Keapano and Dolph

It's not perfect, but it's more than I could have done before.

And at least there's now photographic "evidence" that Dolph attended Anthrocon. :-)

(The fursuiter is in the pic is [ profile] keapano)
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This was the first weekend I spent at home in uh, awhile!

I took things pretty easy and mostly caught up on tasks I had been meaning to do in for some time:

- Got caught up on laundry

- Began packing for FurFright

- Did a final back up of, and then decommissioned an old server

- Did some fine tuning on Anthrocon's registration system. (Wanna help test it out and register early? Email/IM me!)

- Weighed myself at the gym and saw that my weight is down to 180 pounds. That's a low since I started keeping track 6 months ago.

- Watched a cheesy foreign movie:

Earlier this morning I went to visit my physician ("Dr. K") to discuss some outstanding medical issues I've been having. Nothing serious, but I've procrastinated long enough in having them treated, and I figured it was time I fixed that. So, I'm hopeful that things will improve over the next couple of months. (Not that they're bad now or anything!)

As mentioned above, my next con is FurFright which is this weekend! I hope I'll see folks there!
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I didn't actually get to *hear* the debates last night, but I could *see* them on the TV at the gym. One thing I noticed is that Sarah Palin was wearing an absolutely gigantic American flag on her chest, almost as if she were overcompensating for something. I think at this point it is safe to say that Sarah Palin is a size queen.

In related news, Hustler producing a spoof of Sarah Palin called "Nailin' Paylin". In addition to having a guest "appearance" by Bill O'Reilly, there will be a 3-way sex scene involving Palin/Paylin, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice.

At any rate, I think that Palin is weak, and the Republican party is entirely too soft these days. We need a real leader in the White House, someone who can get things done and lead us well into the 21st century. And I know just the hippo for the job:

"Vote for Dolph! You are all 100% assholes!"

Say what you will about Dolph, but at least he's honest and up front in his feelings. (Now with English translation!)

I'll be at work for just a few more hours today, then it's off to Detroit for the weekend. I'll be commuting to ConClave from [ profile] girtygrin's place.

Photo meme

Sep. 21st, 2008 02:36 pm
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Ganked from [ profile] kaarlo.

Take a picture of yourself right now.

Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.

Post that picture with NO editing.

Post these instructions with your picture.

As an aside, all the stuff that made it into the background was interesting and completely unintentional on my part. I count a few plushies, Dolph, and my DI beret.
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So, on Friday night we at the Save Ardmore Coalition were officially presented with our $20,000 Grant from the State of Pennsylvania:

From left to right: Ken Haskin is in the white shirt, I'm in the green shirt (with the shaved head), Scott Mahan is in the black shirt, Si Simons is in the peach colored shirt, and Sharon Eckstein is immediately to his right. It was nice of everyone to wear different colored shirts!

I have no idea why the check is dated last December. Ah, Bureaucracy.

Also, some local folks swung by:

Omnibahumut, Me, Dolph, and Uncle Kage

Yes, that's a Dolph plushie I'm holding. It's a long story. (But thanks for the hookup, [ profile] wolfspawn3!)

Oh, the Philly Phanatic stopped by too:

The Philly Phanatic

Yes, he's standing in traffic on Lancaster Ave. Fursuiters, please do not do this at the next con. :-P

If anyone would like to see the full set of my pictures, they're at:

The user Mainline Clicks also took a bunch of photos of the event:

The Ardmore VFW was also selling "social memberships", which I took advantage of and purchased one. So if of you vets out there decide to visit me, I can take you to meet other vets and drink with them. :-P
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I had a pretty busy Memorial Day weekend.

First, [ profile] omnibahumut came by on Friday night. We hung out and watched some TV shows. The usual.

I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up the apartment [Edit: with some help from Omni!] so that we could have some friends over the evening:

Wag, Finnish Fox and Kojac

I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning up the fur that was shed. :-P Then I spent some time that evening playing Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. I never realized just how much of a jerk Strong Bad was. Also, I could have done without seeing Homestar Runner naked, kthx.

On Monday morning, [ profile] mongologue came by and we spent most of the day taking care of Anthrocon business and testing out the registration system that I have been working on. I got some good feedback for the system and was generally pleased to see that my development efforts have been on the right track.

It sucks that I missed Eurofurence this past weekend, but I'm please that others who went had a good time. Oh, and if anyone saw a blue hippo plushie at the con, I totally don't know anything about that. Honest!
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Getting new ringtones on your Razr without paying $1.99 or whatever Verizon charges is easy.

Send an email to, with the MP3 as an attachment.

When it arrives on your phone as a PIX message, the file has already been converted to the AAC format, and can be saved with the "Save Sound" choice under the Options menu.

It will now appear in your list of ringtones.

Thanks to this trick, my phone now has Dolph the Fascist Hippo ringtones on it. Guaranteed to confuse friends, co-workers, and family members alike!
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Oh well, a guy can dream.

[Edit: [ profile] akakaryuu has the right idea. Dolph is the real "Big Boss". Look at him. He's huge!]


May. 19th, 2008 12:15 pm
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I had a pretty busy weekend. Spent most of it working on Anthrocon stuff, actually. It was a split between working on registration and badge printer stuff for Anthrocon 2008, and building a pre-reg system for Anthrocon 2009. (Incidentally, if you are programmer/sysadmin type and would like to help with banging on the pre-reg system, please let me know!)

Then I wrapped up the weekend playing some Super Mario Galaxy. It's a fun little game, and I consider it an acceptable apology for the insanity that was Mario 64.

Also, Marcon is just around the corner! It will be held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio, and I'll be working there in the art show. Anyone else going?

Finally, I managed to tear myself away from the computer the other day and watched the latest Incredible Hulk movie:


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