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I was down in Orlando for Dorsai Thing last weekend. It was a nice break from my rather busy day job, and gave me the chance to visit and socialize with friends. It was also my first time to Florida!

Orlando DSC_4206 KP's Dogs

It was fun, but short, for I arrived with [ profile] unclekage late Friday evening, and left on Sunday morning. The highlight was dinner on Saturday evening. Aside from socializing with folks and shooting Nerf guns at Colin to see who would go first, I am pleased to announce that two new members of the Dorsai Irregulars were inducted, one of whom was our own [ profile] toracub:

ToraCub, D.I.

The setup for the "beanieing" was fairly straightforward. At dinner, [ profile] unclekage called Tora up front to present him with a bottle of fine tequila that he had purchased earlier in the day, as a gift for all of Tora's hard work at Anthrocon and other conventions. I approached both of them, under the pretense of taking a picture. When that was done, I moved to the side, out of Tora's field of vision, and behind him. After Kage distracted him for a few more seconds, I snuck up from behind him and dropped my own beret on his head, as the rest of the room erupted in cheers and applause. It's fun to be sneaky like that. :-)

As the youngest DI, we get to call him the "baby DI", at least until the next sucker person is inducted. :-)

After that, it was back to the consuite for more socializing and fine beverages!

Steve and Shep DSC_4271 Margarita Man Delivers!

On the way back home the following morning, I took a few pictures from the shuttle at Orlando Airport:

Orlando Airport Orlando Airport Orlando Airport

If anyone wants the full archive of my Dorsai Thing 36 photos, they can be found here.

Thanks for reading, and my next convention will be Furry Connection North, just next weekend! I hope to see everyone there!
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Yeah, I procrastinated on this for quite a while. I actually wrote up most of it in the airport while waiting for my flight back, but never got a chance to finish it off. So anyway, here's my con report from Dorsai Thing 32. It was held in Ann Arbor, MI, March 30th to April 1st.


I flew up to Detroit a day early to meet up with [ profile] girtygrin and some of the local Michigan Furs to hang out, drink and chat. In attendence were Gir, [ profile] 2_gryphon, [ profile] nikvulper, Kargo, and Jason. Here, Nik shows us how to drink two beers back to back:

On Friday, we bummed around downtown Ann Arbor. It was quite a lovely town, and the weather was great. In the middle of our trip, I was shown the giant spinning cube:

What is difficult to convey in this picture is that the cube spins freely on the corner that is attached to the ground. Anyone can walk up and give the cube a spin. I decided to do this a few times, and discovered that it's not unlike the big $10,000 wheel that one finds in the final round of the game show The Price is Right. It takes a bit of effort to get it spinning, but once spinning, it will do so for quite a while, and is difficult to stop.


On Friday, I swung by the hotel where Dorsai Thing was at this year and found the con suite in full swing. This year's theme was "And now for something completely different". The con did not fail to live up to this name.

To start with, Dave and Dianna Stein had brought in a rather pristine gumball machine. Except this machine did not sell gumball, it sold pins with sayings about the Dorsai on them. I got three buttons which read:

  • "The Boogyman checks his closet for Dorsai"

  • "People can piss names in snow. Dorsai can piss names in concrete."

  • "Dorsai Capitulus: Veni; Vidi; Bibo"

Also, I had bacon mints. They were pretty uh, interesting:

Nobody expects The Dorsai Inquisition! )

For those interested, my entire collection of pictures from this year's Thing can be found on Flickr.


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