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As promised, here is a blog entry on Dreamhost.

I'm not much of a writer, so instead I'm going to include all of my trouble tickets that I had with them, and let the nature of the tickets (and their numbers) speak for themselves. I've removed a lot of the verbage from the tickets and instead boiled them down to the essence of each message. So you won't see the troubleshooting steps that I took, traceroutes, etc. I did make sure to be verbose when I filed each ticket, because I didn't want to give Dreamhost any excuse to try and blame me for the problem.

Now, I know I've done a lot of griping about Dreamhost here, so I'm going to put these all behind some LJ cut tags so you don't have to read through all of them if you don't want to.

All of my Dreamhost trouble tickets. )

So, there we have it. A total of 11 separate issues in less than 5 months. This does not include other times I saw the load skyrocket but failed to report it because I was in the middle of something else. Taken separately, each of these incidents are something that can happen at even the best webhost. But, as established here, Dreamhost is nowhere near the "best". In fact, I'd say that they were one of the worst companies that I have ever done business with. To have this many issues in such a short time is simply amazing. To have a webserver throw a 404 on a valid URL is simply crazy. I have never seen that happen in Apache before. It defies logic.

Looking at their webpage now, they promise 500 Gigs of disk space and 5 TB of bandwidth for only $5.95 a month. Yet the reality here is that you will never ever come close to these limits -- chances are you will hit their memory limit (whatever THAT is, they never told me nor did they disclose it on their site) long before then. Does this sort of business practice qualify as fraud? I don't know. But is certainly is misleading to advertise numbers like that.

Dreamhost is pissing off customers left and right and cannot expect to keep up this pattern forever. This is evident just by reading the comments to posts on Heck, check out the comments on the entry about their billing system SNAFU if you want to see some anger. There are some seriously pissed off people on there. Sooner or later this bad service is going to come back to haunt them, and then things are really going to get interesting. Who knows what will happen? Massive layoffs? A scandal? Bankruptcy? Government investigation? No matter what, it will be interesting to watch!
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I can no longer recommend Dreamhost for webhosting.

Details to come in a future post.
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[baachus]$ telnet 80
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
Now, Dreamhost manages thousands and thousands of sites. I would imagine that they have a fairly automated system for provisioning websiting, writing Apache configuration files, and the like. I imagine that they would also have a standardized OS install and configuration that is deployed across their machines, along with standardized packages for Apache, PHP, and similar web-based products.

So how do you screw something like this up?

Maybe I'm imagining too much about Dreamhost.

(Yes [ profile] taral, I submitted a ticket this time)
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[baachus]$ uptime
08:17:39 up 52 days, 2:05, 1 user, load average: 774.75, 594.92, 325.73
[baachus]$ time ls -ld www/
drwxr-xr-x 16 dmuth pg1367564 4096 2007-11-22 13:55 www/

real 1m4.258s
user 0m0.010s
sys 0m0.000s

That's right boys and girls, over a minute just to list a directory inode.

Now that's some quality webhosting.
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[baachus]$ uptime
08:20:13 up 49 days, 2:08, 1 user, load average: 952.32, 740.37, 397.97

Wow, a load of 952... I think that's a record high. Come on Dreamhost, suck just a little harder so you can get to 1,000! Maybe the box will actually catch on fire at that point...
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[baachus]$ uptime
08:27:46 up 41 days, 2:16, 3 users, load average: 823.29, 967.80, 810.05

It must be amateur hour over there today. It's amazing how their performance can just be normal... normal... normal... then *wham!* and everything falls over.
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Honestly, I can't make this stuff up:

[baachus]$ uptime
06:33:00 up 19 days, 17:53, 1 user, load average: 647.50, 809.42, 596.89

Yes, that is a load average in the hundreds.
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[baachus]$ uptime
09:08:41 up 20:29, 3 users, load average: 424.24, 258.30, 176.14

I know that Baachus (aka Dionysus) is the Roman god of wine and inebriation, but I think this is taking that role a little too seriously!


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