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Well, FurFright 2008 has come and gone, and what a blast it was!

Farraptor, Kojac, and Finnish Fox

From a socializing standpoint, this convention was a success. The hotel had an atrium in the center which made for a great gathering point, and since the security desk was also there, I got to bump into a great many people even while on duty. This made the con much more enjoyable as "work" was less like "work".

Random people I chatted with (and some I met for the first time at the con): [ profile] shortwave81 (Thanks for the glowsticks!), [ profile] horny_oryx, Gray Wolf, [ profile] brothervega (sorry about having a mouth full of Oreos), [ profile] petercat, [ profile] unclekage, Grandma Kage, Grandpa Kage, [ profile] finnishfox, [ profile] therustyhusky, [ profile] denimwizard, [ profile] midori8, [ profile] creatureshock, [ profile] davinwarter, [ profile] farraptor (It's not every day when I meet someone for the first time when they're in fursuit), and [ profile] tilt_longtail (it was nice meeting you OUT of fursuit!).

[ profile] keapano, Raff, and Tamen, it was a pleasure meeting you folks for the first time. I hope you'll be able to make it out to more furry cons.

Fennecus Kitsune, it was also cool meeting you for the first time.

[ profile] boixboi, it was good seeing you again for the first time in what, 3 years? :-)

Keapano in the Fursuit Parade The Bride and Duncan the Dog Loki, Farraptor, Kojac, and Amalthea

Wallaby, Bleis, and Red XIII Loki drives the batmobile Loki on his Motorcycle

As I was working security with the Dorsai Irregulars, I got to see some familiar faces there, both DI and non-DI. [ profile] scs11, Renegade, and Carol Gobeyn were all present, as were [ profile] drzarron, Xander, Kasi Frost, [ profile] evil_dwagon, [ profile] mrianti, [ profile] toracub, and the rest of you.

Mrianti and Sgt. Steve

[ profile] athauglas and [ profile] cliff_husky, you guys completely cracked me up at Cakecon. Yes, Cakecon. It was a real life party with cake. Lots of cake.

Cake Con flier Cake Con Cake Con

If you made it this far, then you're probably looking for my full dump of pictures. They can be found on Flickr at

For a final photo, this is [ profile] tilt_longtail and Grandma Kage, reenacting a famous picture:

Tilt Longtail kisses Grandma Kage

My head asplode.

So anyway, I'm looking forward to next year's FurFright.

I'm also looking forward to Midwest Fur Fest next month. I hope to see everyone there!
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Click on either of these for options to get (much) larger pictures:



For those folks with significant bandwidth, the full 13,223 pixel wide picture of all of the fursuiters on the balcony can be seen here.
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floyd and his pals!

I think he enjoyed the con...
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I found this video which shows some ways that fursuiters can communicate while in suit.

I'm not sure if these are "standard" hand signals, but some of them seem pretty intuitive, such that spectators might be able to pick up on them.
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In case anyone wanted to see Catcoon and his swiveling ears in action, I have this video that I shot with my camera back at Eurofurence X.

Sorry about the lighting issues. This was with a handheld camera in rather dark surroundings.

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"related videos" on YouTube is such a wonderful thing.


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