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When I got back from Dorsai Thing a few weeks back, I saw a kernel panic on my iMac, so I tried rebooting it. Upon rebooting it, the screen stayed black and no sounds came from the speakers, nor did the Caps Lock light turn on on the keyboard when I pressed the key. So I took the machine out of service and made a note to open it up at some point.

I finally got around to opening up the machine today, and I found what the problem was:

Blown capacitors

It's quite clear that at least 3 of the capacitors blew out. I'm not clear how this happened, I know that excessive heat can do it but the fans on the system work just fine and there was no excess buildup of dust when I removed the back cover. And I could understand one capacitor failing, but 3 at once? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Oh well, the machine was old, and served me well for the nearly 6 years that I had it. I'll just stick with my newer machines for now.
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Thanks for the comments on my last post, folks. Expect more updates and random stuff from me here. :-)

Anyway, I spent most of the July 4th weekend at my parents' place up in Allentown. I ended up having an impromptu gathering with a couple of local furs earlier in the afternoon. We sat around and talked about technology for a few hours. That was fun.

I've been prepping for the next batch of changes to make to the Anthrocon Registration system. I spent some of today banging on unit tests and seeing what changed under PHP 5.3. :-P

Then I got bored and checked out the battery capacity on my Macbook Pro:


Note the current battery capacity compared to the original battery capacity. Um... what? :-P
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After setting up a new iMac for my mother ([ profile] music4fun) last weekend, I liked it so much that I went and bought one of my own. You can see it below, next to my old clunky Gigaware keyboard:

Apple's Flat Keyboard

So, what's to like?

For starters, the keyboard takes up less desk space than my old keyboard. Also, there are two low power USB ports on the underside of the keyboard, which let me unplug my mouse from the back of my iMac. (Yes, the Gigaware keyboard really did not have USB ports on it)

If you look closely at the function keys, they have symbols on them for common desks, such as starting/stopping music, firing up Dashboard, etc. I have no idea if these work on a PC (I'll test at the office soon), but it works great on my ancient G5 iMac. And it seems stupid, but I actually find myself making use of these keys because they're so darn convenient.

The keys are very short. Whereas the average keyboard has keys that stick out of the keyboard up to 1/4 of an inch, I measured these keys, and I would say they're closer to 1/16th of an inch. If you're a fast touch typist, this is a big boon because less effort to press each key == faster typing speeds.

The gaps between the keys are almost non-existent. This is awesome if you're like me and eat meals at your desk. No more nasty crumbs that fall between the keys and cause nasty things to come out when you turn the keyboard upside down and shake it. (No, I've never done that to co-workers, why do you ask?)

What's NOT to like?

Something that takes getting used to is the fact that the keyboard is very low to the desk. I'm used to "feeling my way across the keyboard" because it's so high from the desk. With this one, it's much more difficult to do that. However, I found myself adjusting to the height difference even while typing this post.

Apple's Flat Keyboard Apple's Flat Keyboard Apple's Flat Keyboard

The Apple Keyboard currently sells for $49.99 and can be snagged from Apple's online store, or at any of their physical Apple Stores.
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I fired up an old 80 GB external hard dirve and started cleaning files off of it. One of my folders seems to be taking awhile to delete, however...

So... I have some old IDE hard drives laying around that I wouldn't might using for some extra storage and transport. But I have little experience with hard drive enclosures for IDE drives. Can anyone recommend some to me? Firewire 400 interface preferred... :-)


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