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When I got back from Dorsai Thing a few weeks back, I saw a kernel panic on my iMac, so I tried rebooting it. Upon rebooting it, the screen stayed black and no sounds came from the speakers, nor did the Caps Lock light turn on on the keyboard when I pressed the key. So I took the machine out of service and made a note to open it up at some point.

I finally got around to opening up the machine today, and I found what the problem was:

Blown capacitors

It's quite clear that at least 3 of the capacitors blew out. I'm not clear how this happened, I know that excessive heat can do it but the fans on the system work just fine and there was no excess buildup of dust when I removed the back cover. And I could understand one capacitor failing, but 3 at once? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

Oh well, the machine was old, and served me well for the nearly 6 years that I had it. I'll just stick with my newer machines for now.
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I had some furs over last night for a little get together. I ended up underestimating interest and had a total of 11 guests. Anyone who has seen my living room knows that 12 people jammed into it means it is pretty well packed. I'll post pictures later.

Had a bit of stress on Sunday when I woke up to find my iMac G5 non-functional. Seems that it blew another power supply. That's twice in 2 years. Based on Davin's advice, I packed it up and carried it down the road to the Apple Store. Apple's silly little concierge system said that they would be unable to see me until Tuesday, but the nice folks at the apple store put me on "standby", which involved me sitting around at the Genius Bar for about 20 minutes until the tech became available. Once he was able to take a look at my Mac and verify that the power supply was bad, he replaced it on the spot and my machine worked again.

The good news is that I had 5 months left on my AppleCare plan. The bad news is that I was hoping to get another 2 years out of this machine. I'm going to be grumpy if I have to replace the power supply a third time. (I've never blown a power supply on a PC. Not even the generic boxen I bought in years past.)

Other than that, things are going well. Got my apartment cleaned up and booze put away. (somehow I'm left with more than what I had to begin with..) I'm looking forward to getting back to my day job tomorrow.


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