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I took last Friday off for high school classmate Derek's bachelor party last Thursday night. While I emerged from it relatively unscathed and not at all hungover, I cannot say the same for other participants. In other words, a successful bachelor party!

Case in point, here are some photos:

Cammie watches Beavis and Butthead Derek plays Cornholio Cammie

Yes, the dog was watching Beavis and Butthead with us.

Onward to Saturday and the wedding itself. It was the first wedding I was in in some years, and everything went off perfectly. No mistakes, and no drama.

Some pics from the wedding:

Katie's cheetah necklace (not a leopard)

The necklace above was worn by Katie, the wife of one of my fellow groomsmen, apparently for my benefit. And the best part? It was apparently labelled as a "leopard" by the shop selling it. I had to argue with her that no, it was really a cheetah. This whole leopard/cheetah confusion just never ends!

Also, I became Mayor of a church in FourSquare:

I became Mayor of a CHURCH in FourSquare!

Raise your paw if you didn't see THAT coming!

So, between high school classmate Derek, high school classmate Chris, and myself, I'm the only single person left. Chris got married in 2003 with Derek and I in the wedding party, and this time it was Derek's turn to get married with Chris and myself in the wedding party. Naturally, the question is when will it be my turn to get married (legally or otherwise)? I have no idea. It did prompt me to get around to updating my profile to something a little more current. We'll see what comes of it.
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Courtesy of [ profile] girtygrin:

More crazy close-up pictures of animals can be found in this article.
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"Screw this, I'm going to McDonald's!"
India uses 'mooing' ringtones to catch leopards

AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) -- Forest guards in western India are using cell phones with ringtones of cows mooing, goats bleating and roosters crowing to attract leopards that have wandered into human settlements, officials said on Monday.

The wild cats in the state of Gujarat often roam into villages near forests in search of food, say officials, adding that this results in attacks on people.

But rather than use methods such as live bait like goats tied to trees to lure the leopards, which then fall into large pits dug by guards, officials say they have found a safer method to trap the cats.

"The moos of a cow, bleating of a goat from the phone has proved effective to trap leopards," said D. Vasani, a senior forest official in Gujarat. "This trick works."

Vasani said forest guards have downloaded the sounds of over a dozen animals as ringtones on their mobiles which they attach to speakers and fix behind a cage.

They then play the ringtone continuously for up to two hours until the curious leopard appears and moves into the cage looking for its easy meal.
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Toy leopard causes traffic jam

Xiamen - A toy black leopard left lying in a footpath sparked panic in a Chinese city.

The 91cm stuffed toy scared pedestrians and caused a traffic jam in Xiamen city.

A witness told Xiamen Daily: "Dogs were scared and passers-by were running for their lives. Some of them ran into traffic, causing a back-up."

Eventually, police officers arrived with an armed anaesthetist[sic] from the local Haicang Zoo.

"After observing for a while, we saw the leopard was stationary, so one of the officers gingerly went ahead and touched it. Then we realised it's a toy," said a police spokesperson.

Additional coverage

P.S. Cheetahs are inbred!


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