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I think this sums up how I feel:

In other news, work's been very busy, and I've been in physical therapy for the last 4 weeks, and I have an update that I've been meaning to post here at some point, when my schedule permits.
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I've been kinda quiet here for the last month or so, and that's because, after my workplace got a visit from the FBI(!!) a few months back, I decided that was a sign it was time to move on. I had been there for 5 years (an eternity for a software engineer) and really felt like I was outgrowing the position. I wanted to move up in my career and into a position with more responsibility. So I spent a few weeks in November quietly doing job interviews, eventually found an employer that was a good fit, received an offer, and started work for them 2 weeks ago.

The new position has me working as the senior most engineer with a startup in Center City Philadelphia. In addition to actual programming, I also play the part of the sysadmin and get to be a one-man NOC. It's a big step up in responsibility, and with the corresponding pay raise I got at the new job, it's like a promotion of sorts. The company is still small, and only a month old, so I also have the chance to build something really cool as the company grows. It's the kind of challenge that attracted me to computer programming in the first place.

Yes, they're a Drupal shop, why do you ask? :-) Seriously, Drupal is a big piece of software, and I've learned even more about it in the last 2 weeks. This in turn means I do more neat things with the Drupal sites that I run. Everybody wins!

In health-related news, I finally got over to the Rothman Institute (which is like the Anthrocon of sports medicine) and got a diagnosis on my knee issues. And the diagnosis is: patellar tendinopathy, also known as chronic tendinitis. Here's my MRI:

It turns out that this wasn't brought on by exercise, but rather because the length of my patellar tendons are a few millimeters shorter than is normal. This predisposes me to issues with that tendon, and normally affects people when they get to be around my age. The rest of the knees are "perfectly healthy" according to my knee doctor, and this particular injury is treated with physical therapy. This would be different from the physical therapy I had in the spring, in terms of what muscles are exercised.

I asked the doctor if chondromalacia had anything to do with this. He explained to me that my problems were never chondromalacia. The previous issues I had were just warning signs of this. So I see more physical therapy in my future, and hopefully I can get the knees back to normal.
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So I saw my pawdiatrist again today for a followup.

First, the good news: I'm feeling much better than I was 4 weeks ago, thanks to the diagnosis and physical therapy. I'd classify the pain as about a 3/10, whereas it was about a 6/10 4 weeks ago. And if I do have a flareup in the cuboid muscles, applying the heating pad for about 20 minutes is sufficient. (Protip: secure the heating pad with a belt for maximum effectiveness.)

Now, the not so good news: I'm still having some pain, along the side of the feet and in the balls of both feet. It's a very light tingling, that turns into more of a burning sensation if I'm on my feet for some time (like say, at a convention). I can also feel my pulse in those areas of my feet. My pawdiatrist found this very interesting, since those are no blood vessels in those parts of the feet. He flat out said that he has no idea what is going on there.

At this point, since the pain is minor, and I'm "functional", we're going to play "wait and see" for 3 months and see what happens. If I'm still having pain, then we might look into things like acupuncture.

When I asked him about what happens if I ever switch jobs/insurance, he remarked that I can still be a patient of his, even if I don't have health coverage, he'll just charge me the co-pay. When I looked at him like he was crazy, he uttered this quote:

"I'm not here to get rich, I'm here to help you get better".

-- Dr. T, my pawdiatrist

Holy. Crap.

Anyway! At this point, I'm well enough to attend Midwest FurFest (ordered plane tickets today) and to go see a knee specialist about my knee issues, which I'll try to make an appointment for tomorrow.

A con report for FurFright is in the works, with plenty of pictures. Watch for it soon!
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So, I'm 5 weeks into wearing my custom foot orthotics, and while I wish I could say I'm feeling 100% awesome, unfortunately I'm not. My knees are doing great, but my feet? Not so much. Walking around is pain free, but here's the rub: when I sit down, the pain starts. I'm not sure why that is, but taking off my shoes seems to help.

Also, I tried walking for about 20-25 minutes during lunch the last 2 days, and while my feet felt okay during the day, my symptoms picked up in the evenings. But only when seated at my desk. If I put on my shoes, walk around and do some chores, etc., the pain pretty much goes away. But when I sit down, it comes back. It starts with feeling my pulse in my feet, and slowly escalates to a burning sensation in both feet. I just don't understand it. As I type this, I keep having to move my feet around every couple of minutes, so I don't feel pain in whatever part has contact with the ground.

I see my pawdiatrist again next week, and we'll see what he has to say.

At least other aspects of my health seem to be okay. I weighed myself the other week, and I'm down to 170 pounds. (I'm 5 foot 10 inches in height) I'm doing my knee exercises every night and my core and lower body appears to be in pretty good shape. Mentally, I had an epiphany of sorts the other night, and was a huge relief to figure out. (and it helped my dreams/nightmares)

On Saturday, my mother stopped by, and she brought a present--a throw rug for my dining room:

My new dining room carpet My new dining room carpet

That rug really tied the room together, let me tell you.

On Sunday night, [ profile] desteredra, [ profile] dragonof31102, and [ profile] orionvw stopped by and we had dinner. 3 women in my apartment at the same time? I think that's a record.

Since I'm not feeling better, I don't think I'll be doing that road trip in October. :-/ Well, between that, and the fact that I'll be out of town during 3 weekends that month.

And now, a Star Wars propaganda poster:

More Star Wars propaganda posters can be found here.
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Lions Head beer in a glas with a Lion's headFirst, I had no idea that my last post would generate so many replies. I glad that folks like the pictures, though. So I decided to include another picture with this post, shown on the right. It was from last night, when [ profile] davinwarter was visiting. I finally managed to find some Lions Head beer, and drank it from a glass that had a lion's head on it. I'm so clever! :-P

Otherwise, my weekend went pretty well. Davin and I bummed around town, I showed him the "blighted" section of Ardmore, I forced him to play Legends of Wrestling after he had a few drinks (it's horrific!), looking through the windows of the Apple Store, and then we watched Shaolin Soccer.

My feet seem to be doing better. I'm still having these cycles of feeling better for a few days and then feeling worse for a few days, but the worse days aren't all that bad. I seem to be on a definite uphill trend. With a little luck, I'll have my orthotics at the end of next week.

Late Friday night, I beat Half Life 2 for the first time. I was rather underwhelmed by the ending, unfortunately. But folks have already suggested that I pick things up in HL2: Episode One, which is said to be much better.

Next weekend is IndyFurCon. While I decided not to attend to my past/ongoing health reasons, I'm still a little stressed out over the convention. Awhile back the convention decided to use the services of The Dorsai Irregulars to provide convention security. One thing led to another, and I wound up as the "Contract Officer (CO)" for that specific contract, meaning that I got to negotiate things with the convention regarding what our responsibilities would be, what the duty posts would be, etc. It's the first time I've done this, so it was a bit of an experience for me.

I had another dream last night that involved wearing a fursuit at a con again. That was a wee bit strange.

Looking at my schedule and my finances, it looks like I missed enough conventions (FCN, Anime Central, and IFC) to save a substantial number of vacation days and money. When my feet and knees improve again, I think I'm going to go on some kind of trip, but where? Right now, the big thing that I'm thinking of is maybe a road trip for a week or more sometime in October. Either I would drive north and visit folks in the New York/Connecticut area, or perhaps drive west as far as Chicago. At this point I'm still kicking around ideas and considering different options. I think it's something I'd like to do though, since I've never done a serious road trip before. (vacation with my parents as a kid does NOT count)
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I got some of the mental/stress issues that came up in July squared away. The bad news is that I'm single, but the good news is that my relationship status is no longer in a state of flux, which is where it had been for the past few months. I value stability, and having my situation be in said state of uncertainty for some months was starting to take its toll on me. I still have remaining unresolved issues on my plate, but they are about a different situation entirely and there is little I can do about them right now.

On the physical end of things, I got casted for my orthotic inserts last Thursday. Despite there being high tech methods for measuring feet for orthotics, my pawdiatrist explained to me that in this case, the simple methods are the best methods. The orthotics are expected to arrive in another week or two. In the meantime, I adjusted the inserts in my shoes, and started lacing them much looser, and have seen lots of improvement on the pain levels. That makes things much more bearable than before. Things for my physical health will probably continue in this holding pattern until I get my orthotics, at which point they should start to improve. Hopefully that will also take care of my knee issues and I can make a return to the gym.

Over the weekend I bought The Orange Box, and have been playing Half Life 2 in my spare time. For the first time ever, an FPS caused me to suffer from motion sickness. It turned out that the fix was to adjust the view angle from 75 degrees to 90 degrees. That fixed the problems I was having. Also, I'm on Steam as DmuthAtHome.

I also installed the Ubercart Drupal module on my development sever over the weekend and was very very impressed with what they had to offer.

I signed up for an account on InkBunny awhile back, and seeing as I like the interface there, have been visiting that site regularly: Their feature of having account preferences that can filter out specific tags is a Big Win, because it means I can completely avoid tags which do not interest me, and therefore save time browsing the site. It integrates nicely with their search feature as well. It looks like they're past 10,000 submissions, and the site has scaled pretty well so far.

I also just signed up for Tumblr. Anyone else on there? My account there is: I like what I see of the service so far, in that it's like Twitter but with more "depth" (no silly 140 character limit), and like Facebook but without being quite as "busy" interface-wise. They still need to work on their social integration, though. I can't seem to find any sort of a "friends page" on there.

I've found that I've been drinking a lot less over these last few months. For whatever reasons, my brain no longer associates alcohol consumption with "having a good time". The tolerance that I used to have? Gone. All it takes is 2 beers, and I'm starting to feel happy and buzzed. Meanwhile, my collection of scotch and rum sits lonely and neglected in my liquor cabinet.

Due to better eating habits, and keeping off the weight I lost, I'm down 1-2 shirt sizes. At the beginning of the year I wore Large and Extra Large shirts. Now I'm wearing Medium and Large. I've bought a few smaller shirts to see how the smaller sizes work out, but need to make sure that I'm not going to outgrow them when I eventually get back to the gym after recovering from my current health issues.
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This past weekend was pretty quiet. Being too injured/sore to drive 5 hours to Confluence, I instead took Amtrak down to [ profile] davinwarter's place on Friday night, and spent the weekend there.

I did very little of my usual online stuff over the weekend, but instead spent most of it sleeping, socializing with Davin (who I haven't seen outside of a con in years), or having a few drinks. In the process, I've learned that my relative lack of consumption has turned me into a relative lightweight. How lightweight? Well, I spent more on food than booze this past weekend. That's probably a good thing for my liver.

On Saturday night, a bunch of us (Davin, November, [ profile] ryvex, Dusk Dargent, Syme Lion, and others) went to Dog Fish Alehouse in Maryland for dinner and drinks. Many inappropriate jokes were cracked at the table by myself and others.

I got back home earlier tonight, and discovered that there was a bunch of activity on the PA-Furry website for the 2 days that I was out of town. Figures. :-)

I noticed that with my feet, it's not so much distance walked as it seems to be just wearing shoes is enough to press on my feet and aggravate my symptoms. That's not fun, but the more than I keep my shoes off (such as in the train), the less pain I have to deal with.
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Leopard's pawJust got back from the pawdiatrist's office about my feet, which began hurting quite bad at this year's Anthrocon and have continued to hurt since, laying me up for the last couple of weekends.

The good news: it's not neuropathy.

The bad news: it's my mom's fault.

Okay, maybe I should work my way back from that statement.

My pawdiatrist examined my x-rays and then my feet, and seemed impressed at the brain dumps I put together for him on my knee and feet issues over the past 3 months. He then went on to explain the big picture, starting with my hips. They're a little wider than they should be for someone my size, which means my knees aren't perfectly straight. This accounted for my knee issues (though the excessive cycling surely did not help, either!). From there, he pointed out that my feet also have high arches, which means that an abnormal amount of weight is being placed on the outside of the feet (where it hurts the most) as well as the balls of the feet and the heels. Age didn't help, either. My body was just too old to take the stress that I put on it at every Anthrocon, hence the problems happening this particular year.

So why are my hips abnormal in the first place? It has to do with how I grew in my mother's womb. Since I am a first born child, that means that the muscles in her uterus were tighter and caused my body to be a slightly different position as she carried me. Hence the bones of my hips forming differently.

And how to fix this? Fixing my hips ( is right out, so the next best thing we can do is get orthotics to align my feet properly. That in turn will take some of the stress off of them as well as my knees. From there, it will be some months for my muscles in my knees and feet to fully adjust, since I have to undo about 33 years of mis-alignment first. (there may be more physical therapy involved) I have an appointment to get fitted for them next week, and they'll be delivered 2-3 weeks after that. They normally last a year for people who run marathons, and 3-5 years for the rest of us mortals.

As far as ongoing treatment, the doc said that foot baths and capzasin really won't do much, nor does the Piroxicam. The inserts I currently have don't hurt, but they won't completely help, either. Orthotics are pretty much the only option.

The big downside (aside from the pain) is that insurance plans generally don't cover orthotics, which means $500 out of pocket for me. But... I guess that's what my emergency fund is for. So that brings it down to a mere inconvenience.

Until I get this under control, I don't think I'll be doing much long distance travel, or even short distance travel. ConFluence (this weekend!) is right out, and so is IndyFurCon, I'm afraid, since the first one involves a 5 hour drive and the second involves stomping through a couple of airports. :-/ I'm hopeful I'm feeling better by FurFright and MFF, but we'll see. (I can still make it to DC this weekend, since that involves Amtrak, and mostly hanging out at [ profile] davinwarter's place, as opposed to walking around a convention.)

I got plans the next couple of weekends, but I think in general if folks want to come visit on weekend (or give me a lift to local social events on weekends), I won't say no. I think the social interaction would be good for me anyway, and I can grace folks with my charming wit and witty intellect. (complete and total lies, BTW)

Oh, and being old sucks. :-P
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I did pretty well this past weekend. I was able to walk around town and do some errands on Saturday, then take care of a couple of OpenID deployments.

On Sunday, [ profile] orionvw, [ profile] delphanaeous, and [ profile] desteredra stopped by. There was food, a food coma, and a couple of movies. One of the movies was Over The Hedge, which I had not seen before.

My feet felt pretty awesome over the weekend, then started to hurt again today. That's really strange, and I don't understand it. I didn't walk much more over the weekend than I would have walked during a normal workday. 3 days until I see the pawdiatrist.

Naturally, the knees are feeling just fine.

A short while ago I got to write some code for the RPX module to deal with Googlebot not paying attention to 403 errors. That was fun. Here's the code: Other than that, I'm pretty happy with how the RPX module is working out on the sites I've deployed it on.

When I got off the train this evening, there was a big thunderstorm coming down. Kinda like... last Monday. The resemblance was creepy. So I hung out the shelter and took some pictures again.

The storm receding into the distance:

Looking East on the tracks

The only shot of the sun that didn't turn out bland due to my UV filter:

The sun peeks out from behind the clouds

Depending on how I'm feeling in a couple of days, I'm thinking of maybe training down to visit [ profile] davinwarter this weekend. He needs someone to buy him beer for his birthday. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
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My mental state have improved a bit since last weekend's "Diet Emo Post". One thing that still bothers me are the dreams I am having that involve a specific individual. I didn't ask for these dreams, and I don't want them. I'd really like to stop having them. Anyway...

Onto some other issues I talked about, one was my concern that part of me feels like an asshole. It was pointed out to me that what it really comes down to is impulse control. And if I had a real impulse control problem in my life, I'd have become intimately familiar with the legal system by now. Obviously that has not happened.

Social contact is something else I need to work on. I guess I need to get out more and interact with other people, be they furry or non-furry. That's easier said than done, though, because of transportation to the suburbs, and some interpersonal issues (see the part about me being a bit of an asshole). Not having a car also makes seeing people difficult, which leads me to...

Should I buy a car? Part of the reason why I sold my car is that it's just not practical to own one since I work in the city and take the train to get to work. The rest of my town is fairly walkable, and I have AVIS and ZipCar in case I need wheels for awhile. But being carless makes it difficult to just get up leave on any given weekend. That said, I'm having difficulty convincing myself to buy a car that I'm not going to use 90% of the time. While it'd cost less to operate the car (gas, maintenance), insurance costs would still be the same.

Earlier in the week, I did a health assessment at work. Here are my stats:

Blood pressure: 114/74
Resting heart rate: 69 BPM
Weight: 174 pounds

That's not too bad, considering my injuries have kept me out of the gym for 4 months and I started the year weighing 197. Right now, I wear XL t-shirts, and they're feeling a bit baggy on me. I'm debating going down a size to buying t-shirts that are size Large, but it would mean replacing quite a bit of my wardrobe. If only I knew some gay men who had fashion sense...

On the technical side of things, I played around with a Drupal module called RPX, which allows you to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and just about any other OpenID-based login with a Drupal site. I went ahead and deployed the module on the Save Ardmore Coalition site, as well as the Pennsylvania Furries site.

I also went and set up OpenID delegation using my own website: But then I found, so I think I'm going to look into implementing that at some point.

And now, Sarah Palin and The Rape Kits (no, it's not a band):

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Bad news: I couldn't fall asleep until 4 AM last night. Good news: I slept like a rock. No unpleasant dreams for the first time in about a week.

In the morning, I was woken up for a change not by my alarm clock, but by a raging thunderstorm going on at about 8 AM. I got ready for work, and left my apartment to be greeted with this:

Rain and cars go *splash*!

See, that's the problem of living on a major street without sufficient drainage or a shoulder. When the rain comes down, the right hand half of the right hand lane turns into a river. And the sidewalk turns into a water park. The best umbrella and rain gear in the world wouldn't protect me against splashes like that.

I also got an appointment with the pawdiatrist... for next Thursday. So in the meantime, I need to rest my paws as best I can.

Aside from that, I did some work on the Pennsylvania Furries website tonight. At the suggestion of [ profile] kitt3ns, I created an Introductions forum and moved all the existing intro posts into it. I also banged on the user template and forum template and made the "species" field from user profiles clickable. Examples of how this field can be used now:
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Today was still pretty rough on my feet, so I saw the doctor. I was literally able to walk over after making the phone call, and was the only patient there. The doctor took one look at my feet and said, "you did everything you could, go see a pawdiatrist". So off I went to get an X-Ray, and called the pawdiatrist's office earlier today. Waiting for them to call me back now.

I got a CD with the images on them, and discovered they were in some new format, known as DCM files. Basically, high resolution bitmaps with patient data encoded in them. I finally found a free command line utility called NConvert that would turn them into PNGs. Then I uploaded them to Flickr:

Later, on the way home, I got caught by a nasty rain storm and stranded at the train station for about 15 minutes while waiting for the sky to clear. I got these pictures:

Those X-Rays are now on my iPod Touch for when I visit the doctor. :-)

Finally, [ profile] delphanaeous and [ profile] orionvw stopped by for a bit. The original plan was to do dinner and then watch a movie. It sorta degenerated into us whipping out our laptops and inflicting YouTube videos on each other. Still, we had fun.

I think my mental state is starting to get back to normal, but I'm still having trouble sleeping, and have dreams I don't want when I do. Not sure what I can do about that. It'd be much nicer if I didn't have any dreams at all, really.
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I felt a little better today, both mentally and physically. Still spent most of the day on the sofa watching Mythbusters and Deadliest Warrior (Nazis vs Viet Kong!) I talked with a few friends today and earlier in the weekend, and that helped, too.

I got some insights into why I've been feeling the way I do, and what I can do about it. I think I'll expand on those in an LJ post tomorrow since it's late, and I'm hungry and tired.

I'm still not sleeping right, and haven't for several days now. Hope I can sleep a little better tonight since I figured a couple of things out.

Work tomorrow should be interesting. I wonder how much my feet will hurt. Hopefully I can see my doctor earlier in the week rather than later.

Oh, and there's a Beavis and Butthead application for the iPhone now:
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Summary of Today

I'm not feeling quite as bad off as I did yesterday, but today was no walk in the park, either.

The issues in my feet that started at Anthrocon flared up again on Thursday night, and still persisted today. Basically, I felt like both of my feet are on fire. That's a very unpleasant sensation, and walking is right out.

So I spent most of today either doing random stuff on the computer or laying on the sofa watching TV. At least I got to watch Tales From The Hood. I didn't leave the apartment, and I didn't eat much. Just haven't felt hungry. :-/

Since this is the second flareup since Anthrocon, I think I'm going to call the doctor first thing Monday morning. But I'm not very optimistic, since burning sensations are generally due to nerve issues, which means a very long recovery time. :-(

I'd be lying if I said these health issues aren't contributing to the funk I'm in, too. First my knees have issues, and then as I start to feel better, my feet have god-knows-what wrong with them. What did I do to myself? :-P

Thanks to those of you who contacted me privately. I got a couple of useful insights from that.

On an unrelated note, unlike the iPhone 4, the HTC Evo prints money:

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Those of you who have read my Tweets or talked to me online have probably caught on that this has been a pretty rough week for me. Work's been fine, but there have been events taking place in my personal life that I don't have much control over, and don't want to elaborate on.  I've discussed the situation directly with the other party (someone whose friendship I value), which helped quite a bit, but it doesn't change the overall situation with me much, nor did I particularly expect it to.

I'm making this post mainly to get some of these feelings off my chest, but I don't want to start drama or meddle in other peoples' affairs either.  I've turned off comments for similar reasons. Getting comments along the lines of, “Everything will be alright” or "I hope you feel better soon" is certainly appreciated, but I do not believe it will help me in the long term or solve whatever underlying issues I may have.

A couple of friends have suggested that I talk to a professional.  I've actually been doing that for well over a year now.  I have a professional diagnosis, and it happens to be that I am perfectly sane.  No mental issues, personality disorders, etc. in my head.  Many of the issues I seem to have are caused by stress, or at least things that stress me out more so than other people.  Helping me identify some of the stressors (and ways to avoid them) has helped lots, but it's not perfect, and neither am I.

Part of my issues arise from the fact that I feel there is a part of me that seems to be quite unhappy, and even a bit of an asshole.  For those who know me online and in real life, sure, I keep that part under wraps most of the time, but it's still there, and it still gnaws at me.  Sometimes I even become worried that part of me will get out of control and cause damage or otherwise behave inappropriately.

This video might help make it clearer about what kind of emotional tightrope I feel I walk on sometimes:

Even if you don't care about me, I think you'll find the video interesting.  The speaker is Philip Zimbardo, who ran the famous Stanford Prison Experiment.

Part of me also feels that I am doing something fundamentally wrong in my life, and it is somehow causing me some of the issues that I have. But what do I need to change or add?  I'm just not sure.  Do I need to switch jobs/industries?  Work less conventions/more conventions?  Start drinking heavily again?  Find someone special?  Travel the world?  Invade Denmark again?  Discover a cure for cancer?  Start playing online multiplayer games?  I just don't know.  It's difficult to analyze my situation since I am in the middle of it, and therefore a biased participant.

To quote someone I dated many years ago, "Life can be confusing sometimes".

So... what's my next move?

[Edit: If you want to follow up with me, sure. My contact info is here, or you can send me a private message.]
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And by that, I mean I got Comcast Internet over the weekend. (FIOS isn't available here) I'm seeing about 14 Megabits down and somewhere around 5 Megabits up.

Don't get nervous, folks. After I cancel DCANet ($55/mo for 1.5 Mbps down just isn't worth it anymore) I'm going to get Basic DSL from Verizon for about $17.95/mo to use as hot backup. It'll be nice to have two different wireless networks running here so I can just switch if Comcast starts acting up.

Along with the Comcast Internet service, I also broke down and got basic cable TV, for the first time in about 8 years. It's nice to be able to channel surf through 2 digits worth of channels and not worry about static or a complete lack of signal.

I then spent the rest of the weekend doing cable management of all the computer cables at my place. I actually ran out of wire ties on Sunday afternoon and ran over to radio shack to get more. I'm afraid I didn't get any before/after photos, but take my word for it, the area behind and under my desk is much less cluttered than it was before. :-)

On Sunday night, [ profile] omnibahumut and I met [ profile] xshengx and two of her friends at a local Chinese restaurant for some cheap food.

And that was one of my most stress-free weekends in awhile.
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It's been a busy week or so since I posted here last.

Over the weekend, I deployed some Drupal modules on a few sites that I manage. So now the Save Ardmore Coalition site has a tag cloud, and registered users may tag existing content with custom tags. I did the same thing on the Anthrocon website, their tag cloud is over here. I also played around with the "views" module and created some pages for all-time popular posts, highest rated posts, posts with the most comments, and posts with the most votes.

I heard from an old client of mine, who asked if I could debug some ancient PHP code. Something about PHP 3 code not working right under PHP 5. :-)

I got involved with another random programming project. This one is a volunteer gig, and more of a long-term project. I have some exciting ideas for things I'd like to do, and hope they'll save us all some time and effort, as well as increase code quality.

I played around with the Simpletest module for Drupal. The version for Drupal 5 seems to be a bit round around the edges, but useful for what I have in mind, since it will be a start.

I took a look at the docs for the Yii PHP Framework. It doesn't look so bad, and the documentation is fairly detailed. I have concerns about some of the naming conventions on their classes, and the fact that a lot of the classes are invoked via static calls. (Makes unit testing and dependency injection a little difficult...), but at least there was some thought put into the way things were done. (Are you listening, PHP team?)

I am getting ready for Furry Connection North next month. Last year's convention went really well for being a first year con, and I've been impressed at how well the preparations are proceeding for this year's con. It should be fun, or at least interesting. :-)
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This was the first weekend I spent at home in uh, awhile!

I took things pretty easy and mostly caught up on tasks I had been meaning to do in for some time:

- Got caught up on laundry

- Began packing for FurFright

- Did a final back up of, and then decommissioned an old server

- Did some fine tuning on Anthrocon's registration system. (Wanna help test it out and register early? Email/IM me!)

- Weighed myself at the gym and saw that my weight is down to 180 pounds. That's a low since I started keeping track 6 months ago.

- Watched a cheesy foreign movie:

Earlier this morning I went to visit my physician ("Dr. K") to discuss some outstanding medical issues I've been having. Nothing serious, but I've procrastinated long enough in having them treated, and I figured it was time I fixed that. So, I'm hopeful that things will improve over the next couple of months. (Not that they're bad now or anything!)

As mentioned above, my next con is FurFright which is this weekend! I hope I'll see folks there!
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The Garfield Minus Garfield comic strip keeps getting stranger and stranger:

Who knew that John Arbuckle was really a bottom? (Linked because my parents read this LJ and probably don't know what that word means in this context :-P )

In other news, the Chipotle in Ardmore is offering FREE BURRITOS today! I'll be there around 7 PM feeding my fat face.

I bought Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the Play Station 2 last weekend and beat it last night. Yeah, I'd say it was worth the the $12.99 I paid for it... and not a penny more. I'm glad that game's over.

Some recruiter decided to call me yesterday at work. I cannot begin to wrap my brain around what prompts these people think: "Gee, I'm going to call someone at work during business hours and try and get him to leave his job there!" Then said recruiter went screaming over the line as she war-dialed her way across the floor and bothered some other co-workers too. Not cool.

Also speaking of work, was CCed on an e-mail from a co-worker a short while ago. That's not unusual. The fact that the primary recipient of the email was the Cron Daemon was, however. In fact, I don't think I ever saw that done before. :-)

And finally, in Anthrocon news, we have a couple of featured musical performers this year. Both Tom Smith and Alexander Adams will be performing live concerts on the evening of Thursday, June 26th at AC.


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