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I don't think I wrote about MidWest FurFest in too much detail yet, so I'll do that here.

I got to work in the Art Show for [ profile] aureth this year. My responsibilities this time were mostly technical. I got to setup MySQL on their new server, and ended up dragging my laptop down to the art show so I could write code to generate reports on the Art Show sales. That was rather fun.

Fursuit Parade Wag Cheetah's Party

Otherwise, I spent a fair bit of time socializing and having fun with a number of folks at the con. The new hotel with its indoor atrium and nice big lobby lent itself well to that. I stopped by a some room parties that were generously hosted by [ profile] seven001, [ profile] justincheetah, Kasi Frost, and others.

Seven's Party At Duncan's Party Roadkill Hyena

Something unexpected happened at the con: I fursuited again! While [ profile] foxlord was on the phone, I thought I would be silly and put on his fursuit paws. When he returned from his phonecall, he suggested I put on the head as well. And then this happened:

Grand Theft Fursuit

I ended up wearing the partial (named "Patch") a few nights at the con, and am very grateful to Foxlord for the loaner. I'm not sure if I'm up to wearing a full fursuit yet, but I think it's definitely worth putting on my list of "things to do".

Midwest FurFest Board Meeting Ford Shephard Fizz's mowhawk, now with LEDs

Other things of note that happened at the con was my involvement with the Fursuit Parade. I was milling around in con space waiting for it to start when [ profile] takaza ran up to me and asked, "Are you working right now?" I replied in the negative, and he stated, "You are now! Come with me!" I ended up being stationed next to a set of double doors, and counted fursuits with a counting device as they came through. It was a great idea, because only 1-2 fursuiters could make it through the doorway at a time, and only in one direction. The total number of fursuiters was 413, by the way. Quite a turnout!

Fursuit Parade Fursuit Parade Single Speed Cheetah

Somewhere in there I ended up giving an interview for a video called Furries - An Inside Look. Since it's over half an hour long, I have yet to sit down and watch it. I'm hoping I didn't come off looking too dorky, since I don't have much experience speaking on camera. (Any tips would be appreciated!)

The Interviewers Seven bartends Uncle Kage gets interviewed

If there's one thing I'd do differently at next year's MWFF, I would try to attend more convention programming. I didn't get to do that much this year, between working and socializing with people.

Overall, MidWest FurFest was another successful convention. I have many good memories from that con, and can't wait to go back next year.

(The full set of my pictures are over here)
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I'm attending, and I'll be working in the Art Show again, and my hours are as follows:

Friday: 11 AM to 1 PM
Saturday: 7 PM to 11 PM
Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Feel free to stop by and say hello while I'm working, but I may be a little busy, especially on Sunday afternoon.

Otherwise, I'm arriving Thursday afternoon and departing late Monday morning. I'd be up for any food/drinks/etc. when I'm not working.

The con's new hotel is the same one that I worked Anime Central at last year, and I'm looking forward to returning there.
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Okay, I uploaded all of my pictures form Midwest FurFest. Okay, let's get the link to all of the pics out of the way: And now, pictures that I found especially interesting!

First picture is from the Method 1 Live show. Since the hosts couldn't have beer in con space, they instead reviewed Drank Beverage. Along the way, they also decided it would be a good idea to drink Brawndo, and even mix them in the same glass and drink the olive oil-colored concoction. That didn't end so well, as this picture tries to illustrate:

Gir Drank "Drank Beverage" and "Brawndo".  Bad idea.

One Standard Issue Furpile that happened Sunday night outside of the dance:


And some actual huskies, who were part of last year's charity, came by to be trained for working with large crowds:


The first Steampunk fursuit that I recall seeing at a furry convention:

Steampunk fursuiter

This Beast fursuit--or combination of fursuit and face paint, rather, was pretty cool. The first time I've seen someone do something like that, too:

Fursuit parade

Poor Raptor Red!

Poor Raptor Red!

Want the rest of my pictures? They're at Have fun!
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Had a great 4 days at Midwest Furfest. I worked in the Art Show again this year and had a wonderful time.

I went to a couple of the dances (Thursday night at [ profile] girtygrin's dance and Sunday night at [ profile] 0ddj0b's dance) and danced for about an hour each time. Or at least, my attempts at trying to dance. It was dangerously close to being more fun than drinking!

Got to meet some of the folks from IndyFurCon at the con and was pretty impressed by the amount of work they've put into the effort thusfar. I'm gonna see if I can't make that con this August.

I had no problems with the hotel whatsoever this year. Got the room type I wanted, and the staff was friendly and cooperative. Having the consuite in the old restaurant was also full of win. It was a nice big area with ready access to food preparation facilities.

I got a bunch of photos from the con which I will upload as time permits.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
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I'll be arriving at Midwest FurFest on Thursday and leaving on Monday.

I'm working in the Art Show again. Here are the hours I'll be on duty:

Friday: 11 AM to 3 PM
Saturday: 1 PM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 1 AM
Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Hope I'll see the usual gang of folks there!
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I'll start this con report off by mentioning that it was my first Midwest FurFest that I attended since 2003. I wanted to attend it since then, but I ended up having other Christmas travel plans (some trips to Europe, among other things) that sucked up my money and vacation days.

The executive summary was that it was nice to come to a con where I didn't have to work as much as I did at Anthrocon. I still worked this con, but I'm getting ahead of myself. :-)

I flew into to Chicago on Thursday night before the con. I ended up sharing a flight with this guy:

Finnish Fox

Apparently his parents let him come to MFF, provided that he shared his flights out and back with a responsible adult. Sometime my name was mentioned. I have no idea how this happened.

Now that pic was taken just outside of the Art Show, where I was working for [ profile] aureth this year. It was nice to work the art show, because I didn't have to be on my feet as much, and it was a relatively quiet environment. It also awesome to work with [ profile] mindslide again, seeing that I hadn't seen her since 2003 or so.

On Friday night I hit the dance, so I could dance to the sets of [ profile] kalemika and other DJs. And yes, this a pic of Darth Vader at the dance:

Darth Vader visits the dance

The good news is that my cardiovascular system was in good enough shape that I could dance for 30 minutes without stopping. The bad news is that my muscles weren't used to this sort of activity and I paid for it dearly the following days with very sore calf muscles. Well, at least I know my limits now. :-/

On Saturday afternoon there was the fursuit parade. While the pictures came out nice, I was totally freezing while I took them. It was around 40 degrees with a bit of wind when these pictures were taken:

Fursuit Parade

Fursuit Parade Fursuit Parade Fursuit Parade

At some point on Friday, Orvan Ox came by the art show with some deliveries:

Orvan Ox delivers!

Aside from the art show, I ended up volunteering a few shifts with security at the con. I had originally packed my Dorsai Irregulars beret, since I knew a few other DI would be attending the con. I never thought I'd actually end up having to work as a DI at that con. There was some joking amongst the DI about it being the shortest time ever to negotiate and complete a contract.

The downside to helping out with security is that it affected my performance in working the art show. I was rather tired and Saturday and Sunday and it hurt my productivity a bit. I'll have to be more careful about over-extending myself in the future.

On the way out on Monday, I saw this incredibly cool Okami-themed car, complete with a Michigan license plate that read "OKAMI":

Okami Car

Okami Car Okami Car Okami Car

The rest of my pictures can be found at:

I know I didn't mention a lot of names in this con report. It's not because I forgot about all of you, it's just that I felt it'd be redundant since I've been to so many cons in such a short time.

My next two cons will be MagFest in January and Furry Connection North in April. I'll see you there!
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I'm still working on my pictures from Midwest FurFest. But for now, here's a pic of [ profile] mirkowuff in his "The Dude" fursuit:

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I'm back from Midwest FurFest. I have pictures to go through, emails to write, and people to follow up with.

Normally I'd make a full con report later in the week, but with Thanksgiving, who knows? Stay tuned for more info!
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I have a half day of work today, and then it's off to MidWest FurFest!

Assuming my flight doesn't get delayed, I'll arrive at the hotel sometime between 8 and 9 PM tonight.

I'll be working at the Art Show (hours to be determined). Other than that, I expect to be out and about in con space. I shave my head and usually wear a yellow(ish) leopard tail, so I shouldn't be too hard to spot. If I'm at the dances, expect to see me with some glowsticks.

I also got a new ringtone for my phone:

I hope I'll see you all there!
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I haven't been to Midwest FurFest since 2003, and I'm really anxious to return!

To celebrate that, I picked up 300 glowsticks that I intend to give out at the dances:

Glowsticks for MFF

I plan on attending at least [ profile] kalemika's dance on Friday night and Draconum's dance on Saturday night. Just look for the guy with the leopard tail handing out glowsticks!

In other news, I got one of these earlier in the week:

My previous backpack, a standard "student" backpack which I had purchased was back for Feral '99, was really starting to fall apart. There were holes in the leather at the bottom of the backpack, one zipper had jammed, and one of the shoulder straps had ripped halfway through. Also, the backpack just wasn't made for carrying the large amounts of stuff that I tend to carry on trips. So I figured it was time for an upgrade.

The new backpack has heavy duty zippers, numerous pockets, a chest strap to keep the shoulder straps from sliding around, and mesh padding on the back and shoulder straps which is also breathable. That should make for much more comfortable treks through airports.

Back to MFF, I plan on arriving on Thursday evening and departing on Monday afternoon. I hope I'll see you there!
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When I was out in Chicago over New Year's, some of us visited Midwest Furfest's future home, The Westin North Shore, just outside of Chicago.

One of several function rooms, set up for a wedding.
The Botanic Garden Ballroom

The main lobby was a bit small, but very nicely decorated:
The lobby was a bit smallish, but had a fire in the background

One of the smaller function rooms:
Willow Room B

That's enough pictures for now. The full archive of what I took can be found on Flickr:



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