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From [ profile] thefridayfive...

1) What is your favorite mode of travel? (Car, train, plane, etc).

For long distances, definitely planes.

2) Where is the northernmost place you've traveled? The southernmost?

Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2005 or so. The southernmost of Los Angeles, for Dorsai Thing in 2007.

3) What is the last place you visited for the first time?

I guess that would be Frankenmuth, Michigan, for Dorsai Thing 35. (Seeing a pattern here?)

4) Of all the places you've traveled, which is your favorite?

I rather like Chicago, probably because I know so many folks in the area. (and Midwest FurFest is out there)

5) Where would you most like to travel to next?

That's a tough one. I didn't actually spend too much time in Copenhagen when I was last in Denmark, so I'd definitely like to check that city out. I'd also like to hit up Sweden and visit Stockholm. Maybe I could see The Vasa, a viking ship on display that is about twice the age of the United States, yeah.
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This past weekend was pretty quiet. Being too injured/sore to drive 5 hours to Confluence, I instead took Amtrak down to [ profile] davinwarter's place on Friday night, and spent the weekend there.

I did very little of my usual online stuff over the weekend, but instead spent most of it sleeping, socializing with Davin (who I haven't seen outside of a con in years), or having a few drinks. In the process, I've learned that my relative lack of consumption has turned me into a relative lightweight. How lightweight? Well, I spent more on food than booze this past weekend. That's probably a good thing for my liver.

On Saturday night, a bunch of us (Davin, November, [ profile] ryvex, Dusk Dargent, Syme Lion, and others) went to Dog Fish Alehouse in Maryland for dinner and drinks. Many inappropriate jokes were cracked at the table by myself and others.

I got back home earlier tonight, and discovered that there was a bunch of activity on the PA-Furry website for the 2 days that I was out of town. Figures. :-)

I noticed that with my feet, it's not so much distance walked as it seems to be just wearing shoes is enough to press on my feet and aggravate my symptoms. That's not fun, but the more than I keep my shoes off (such as in the train), the less pain I have to deal with.
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If you plan on taking the train to Pittsburgh, you can get 10% off the cost of your fare.

More information can be found on our travel page.

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I've just made the decision to attend FurCoNZ in 2011.

It'll be a good excuse to visit New Zealand, as well convince some of my Australian friends to make the trip as well. (Are you listening, [ profile] atpaw? :-) )
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Amazingly enough, my flight out to Chicago still appears to be on time. But I'm certain that US Scareways will still find a way to screw things up.

Anyway, let's hope that they don't ever have this unfortunate kind of in-flight programming on the flight:

Direct link.

I can only wonder what JetBlue was thinking!

Edit: The video that was being shown can be seen here:
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While searching for "odds of a plane crash" on Google, I came across this article, which talks about surviving a plan crash -- something I find far more useful! In the article, the FAA gives the following 5 tips:

1. Count the number of rows between your seat and the nearest exit. This is because if there is a fire, the cabin will fill up quickly with smoke. Between that and walking hunched over so as not to breathe the smoke, it can be hard to tell where the exit is.

2. Read the safety card. It sounds stupid, but it's recommended anyway. It's not like it is a huge effort to read it.

3. Brace for impact. They FAA suggests that you cross your hands on the seat in front of, put your head against your hands, and hold that position until you are on the ground (or in the water). This reduces the distance your head will travel, and how much damage you suffer. Decelerating from 300 Miles per hour to 0 Miles per hour involves just a bit of force.

4. "Get the fuck out!" Not only do I get to talk trash in this rule, the language used in the rule underscores the importance of getting out of the plane quickly. In the event of a fire, according to the FAA, the seats start to emit poisonous gas after only 20 seconds. At 50 seconds, the FAA uses the lovely term "gas chamber" to describe the cabin. And at 90 seconds, a flashover happens. At nearly 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, anyone inside WILL become a crispy critter.

5. Run like hell. After getting out, the FAA warns that, "It's going to become a very lethal environment". With thousands of gallons of burning fuel, bits of twisted and jagged metal all over the place, and an impending explosion from the flashover that's about to happen, the plane and the surrounding area is about to become a war zone. You don't want to be there.

I hope you all found this informative, or at least amusing.


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