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I happen to be a fan of PlayItBogart's movies on YouTube, because he has done some rather likable reviews about certain video games of years past.

Anyway, one of the things he linked to in a recent video was his forum .signature, which incorporates some elements of a certain video game with football:

I'm not a football guy, and I don't understand everything that's in that graphic, but even I thought it was pretty clever use of video game sprites.
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[ profile] omnibahumut points me to the below hilarious parody of The Legend of Zelda.

Ever wonder what Link thinks of having to rescue the princess all those times? Ever wonder why he runs around in a dress and talks to all those fairies?

Part 1:

Part 2:
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I found the one thing on Youtube that I never expected to see. Mister Rogers playing video games.

It's only the original Donkey Kong, but still amusing to watch.

[Edit: I must have gone through a Warp Zone or something. No sonner do I post this video, than I see the same video up on Extra Life. And yes, I found it merely by typing "Mister Rogers" into YouTube...]
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I don't know who drew this, but clearly they played the original Legend of Zelda game and wanted to ruin my precious remaining memories of it...

Not safe for children, pets, or some household appliances. I warned ya! )

For those who need context, here is a screen shot of the original:

Link would go into some caverns, and a moblin would be waiting for you. You would talk to him, he would say "It's a secret to everybody", and give you 20 rupees.
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The rest of this person's art (including more video game spoofs) can be found at

Thanks for the hookup, [ profile] omnibahumut.
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I finally put up my pictures from MagFest 5, held back in January. The Dorsai Irregulars were contracted to work this convention, and myself and several other furs were drafted to work with the DI. The pictures can be found over here.

Here are a few selected pics:

And what con is complete without things that give electrical engineers nightmares?

The full archive.
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Someone was nice enough to capture the last 6 minutes of the last level in Halo, plus the ending. The quality of the capture is pretty good (as is the bass response) and lets you view/listen to the "mini-cinemas" in the level as well.


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