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Those who are new here might have missed my previous entry about the guy who flashed a TV reporter. Well, should anyone have concerns that it might have been a photoshop job, here is the video of that incident:

Relax, the naughty bits are blanked out. It's just a short clip of the actual scene. Still somewhat odd, though.
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Seen on a local news site:

And yeah, that's a TV news reporter in the foreground. She attempted to interview the guy, and he flashed her. Clearly he's not all there.

The whole story can be found on KYW1060's website.
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Yeah, it's a bunch of wrong. I know.
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In case folks didn't get what I was blogging about yesterday, I was Blogging like it's the end of the world.

I put two new articles up on the Anthrocon website, geared towards con newbies:

What to Take to a Con

Tips for Getting the most out of Anthrocon

Also, I've been thinking of picking up something called The Perfect Pushup to use at home. It's like a regular set of pushup bars except that they turn 90 degrees so that you can turn your arm when doing a pushup and exercise different groups of muscles. It also comes with a workout guide that I could definitely make use of to better figure out how many reps/sets I should be doing. Anyone have any experience with sort of device? Good idea? Bad idea?

And, I see that Anthrocon is just 3 weeks away. I can certainly feel it, for better or worse.
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On my way into work this morning, I noticed that both the streets and the R5 were practically empty. I didn't think much of it until I went down to street level for lunch. As soon as I arrived in the lobby, I saw a horde of... what I can only describe as living, bleeding, and mangled corpses banging on the glass and shoving themselves against the doors. I ran back up 6 flights of stairs and let my co-workers know ASAP! I got some help and we were able to shut down the elevators and block off the stairs with office furniture.

We don't have much in the way of food here, other than a few vending machines. There is a deli across the street, but that might as well be a million miles away right now. Electricity isn't a problem, as we have a backup generator on the roof and about 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on site. We're kinda screwed as far as weapons go, however. As I write this, some of the other guys are scouring the utility closets and taking note of anything that can be improvised into a stabbing or bludgeoning weapon.

Last time I checked the view from the roof, there were a number of burglar alarms going off and some smoke rising from the direction of City Hall. There is NO police or military presence at this time. I also happened to have my HT with me and have been talking to other hams over what repeaters I can reach. The reports are all the same as here in the city.

For now, I'm going to stay put and hope that this is just a local outbreak that can be contained. As far as I can tell, Internet traffic has not been significantly affected. I'll keep updating as long as we have connectivity here and try to post some pictures later.
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Though, I must admit that the idea of emo zombies does sound kind of cool.

"Emo zombies. They kill themselves so you don't have to!"


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